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Diabetes is a very serious health problem in the USA. The problem has attracted much attention, because the number of people with this diagnosis has increased. Also, the age of people with the disease raises concerns: a lot of children in the USA have predisposition to it. The problem has caught many people and many families. Any health problem becomes a disaster for people; however, the risk of diabetes of any type is the inability to recover completely. However, diabetes is a very serious issue, and people should know more about the causes of the problem and the ways how to prevent it.

Diabetes as a Disease

Diabetes is “a common chronic medical condition that leads to increased blood sugar (glucose) levels” (Torpy, 2011, p. 2592) developed due to one’s “body’s inability to make appropriate use of the foods you eat as a result of insufficient insulin” (Kahn, 2005, p. 24). There are two main types of diabetes: type 1, which does not require constant insulin consumption, and type 2, which requires constant insulin treatment. There also the following types of diabetes, namely, impaired glucose tolerance and gestational diabetes (Kahn, 2005). People must always consume some drugs and be attentive to their health. It does not mean that patients are unable to lead a normal life, it just means that people who either have diabetes or the predisposition to it must always keep in mind their condition and be ready to get assistance. In many cases, diabetes can be unseen for others, and if a correct treatment is assigned, a person can experience only some discomfort.

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There are numerous causes of diabetes of any type. Even though there is no common opinion about the causes of the disease, there are a number of factors, which put people at risk of becoming sick. The first factor is heredity. People, who have relatives with diabetes of any type, are more subjected to the risk of developing this condition. It has already been proven that people with overweight and obesity are at a risk of having diabetes (Cranston, Fisher, & Strachan, 2011). About 80% of people with diabetes have extra weight. Stress, wrong nutrition, and age are also the reasons which may cause the disease development (Kahn, 2005).


Having considered the main factors, which contribute to the development of diabetes, it is possible to state that there are some factors people cannot prevent. For example, aging and heredity are the things, which people cannot avoid. However, there are factors, which they can influence; in this case, it is possible to prevent the disease. First of all, people should follow their nutrition. Bad caloric food is one of the causes of obesity. Moreover, leading sedentary lifestyles, people also increase the chances of getting obese. Everyone must lead an active lives. Furthermore, people must avoid stress. These are the situations they cannot correct, but they still become emotionally stressed by them (LeRoith, 2012). One more prevention method is following one’s health. People with the genetic predisposition and of older age must have some tests to assure that if they are detected the problem, they can cope with it at the early stages. Those who have been diagnosed with diabetes on the early stages can lead happy lives without insulin. One just needs to understand the seriousness of the problem.


In conclusion, diabetes is a very serious world problem, which can cause many problems to people. More knowledge about the disease, its causes, and the ways to prevent it may help people to remain healthy. However, even if one is diagnosed with diabetes, it is not a reason to stop living. It is possible to have a normal life with diabetes if one receives appropriate treatment.

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