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Human being cloning has in recent times been among the most sensitive issues facing humanity. Even though, cloning has drawn widespread debate, in some quarters of society, widely accepted. Whilst the majority of people, not in support of cloning of human beings, there is a small minority that bases their disagreement on issues of health, reproductive rights and scientific freedom. As such, this paper briefly explains the cloning technology and outlining in details the reasons for and against the use of cloning technology.

The American Medical Association defines this practice as “the fabrication of hereditary identical organisms by the use of somatic cell nuclear transfer”. Conversely, the human genome Organization defines cloning as “the production of genetic copies of organisms without sexual reproduction that entails various techniques that include embryo splitting, somatic cell transfer and cell culture. The somatic transfer is a process of transferring the nucleus of somatic cells of an organism into an oocyte.

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The cloning process presents another’s person replica or copy, a debate that has drawn contention. As such, this process does not align itself with my personal ethical reflections. Amidst, numerous advantages cloning presents, cloning is against the religious beliefs as God is the only creator of Human beings.

It is inevitable with the growing use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) where the embryos created screened for genetic defects. The employment of such methods has glitches that relatively lead to diseases such as the ones causing fragile X syndrome, neuromuscular dystrophies, Rett syndrome as well as neuromuscular dystrophies. Nonetheless, PGD will be essential in looking for mutations that only might leads to severe body issues. Consequently doctors announced the first baby screened for the breast as well as ovarian cancer gene BRCA1 happened in Britain.

Paul Serhal describes the assisted Conception Unit where the diagnosis happened as, “The little girl will not face the specter of developing the genetic form of breast cancer. As such, the guardians will spare the child the risk of inflicting disease to the children.

The risk of developing breast cancer if the BRCA1 mutation is likely not the oft-quoted 82 % tentatively, Sholom of the National Cancer Institute assert that the risk of breast cancer conferred by carrying mutations in BTRCA1. There exist an 82% chance of having breast cancer by age 80 comparable to 12% for women. Wacholder points out that estimate are greater as the estimate ranged of 50% to 60 %. As such, this presents the true risk estimated over 90% or 95%

On the other hand, Boston medical genetics urge the doctors that sequence a patient’s full set of genes foe medical reason also search for unrelated genetic conditions and inform patients of the findings. This will encompass the conditions that lurk in DNA. As such, the guidelines for DNA related sequence are to assist the doctors with their operations. The American college of Medical Genetics and Genomics approved the guidelines. The approvals issued as rapid technology advances made whole genome cheaper as well as efficient. The conditions that were as a result of DNA related operations have an estimated one percent chance to have a gene for one of the drafted conditions.

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As such, informing the patients of the gene that could help avert or treat the disease in essential. For instance, if an individual knows that he carries a gene that could result to polyps to grow in the colon, and that could augment the risk of acquiring colon cancer. The knowhow of the gene causes tremendously high cholesterol levels that could make his/her lifestyle change. Consequently, this would be essential in helping the patient to take medication that would prevent heart attacks at a tender age.

An illustration seeking the fairly limited genetic information can ripple outward; as such the comprehension of Adam’s disease assisted the mother to receive the diagnosis for the unusual hearty rhythm abnormality. Consequently the same mutation that resulted to the other has cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disease under close monitoring. Dr. Isaac Kohene relates to the sequence that turned up as a result of the unforeseen results of the findings. He explained the confused implications of having some of the genes. These genes include BRCA1 and BRCA2 that noticeably augmented the risk of breast additionally to ovarian cancer in women with a family history of the same disease. This mutation presents the risk that are far well comprehended in the population. It presents the preventive action that women could opt to take surgery so as to remove their breast or ovaries.

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Consequently, the process would be cheap so as to acquire a genome series for less than the price of an MRI. Additionally, the recommendation also makes the major departures obtained from the typical practice in medicine as well as research. In place of following the patients, telling the physicians the results, they do not want to understand, the recommendation was of the idea that patients be made aware of their mutations.

Accordingly, the recommendations identify no age limit for which conditions that identify the meaning that if a genetic danger pertinent only in adulthood experienced in a child. As such, the groups reasoning could be essential for the parents that might gain knowledge of life threatening disease risk from a son or daughter. Nonetheless, the ethicists of the importance of maintaining an open future for the children, is paramount in educating the young generation.

Conclusively, PGD will be essential in looking for mutations that only might leads to severe body issues. Certainly, informing the patients of the gene that could help avert or treat the disease in essential. For instance, if an individual knows that he carries a gene that could result to polyps to grow in the colon, and that could augment the risk of acquiring colon cancer.

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