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Dr. Charles Ray Jones is a controversial expert on Lyme disease. He is famous for the method of treating people. Dr. Jones faced with accusing him of treating people without examining them and prescribing medicine for patients whom he has never seen. He had few supporters while others did not understand him because there were many accusations.

Firstly, Dr. Jones was charged for violating standards of care. Thus, he faced with the first problem that he had to find a supervisor to examine his work, but he could not afford it. However, his patients did not support fines and punishment that he got. One of his patients, Tommy, said that he had some problems such as a low muscle tone and fatigue. One doctor even diagnosed him with the autism. He used antibiotics to return to full force, and Dr. Jones said that it was Lyme disease. The major reason that people discuss him as a doctor is that he sees the Lyme disease, but not autism or some mental difficulties.

Dr. Jones’s patients did not complain about his treatments. Although, he faced with one more problem when some fathers who had to pay a medical bill accused him and as a result, he wasted a lot of time and money on legal proceedings. When Dr. Jones did not found a pediatrician to become his supervisor, he was under threat of losing the license.

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Dr. Jones thinks that other doctors do not support him because of their pride. Medical Examining Board said that Dr. Jones asked 209 pediatricians to help him, but nobody agreed. It happened because nobody wanted to involve in his problem as the case against him was so controversial that everybody was afraid of negative outcomes. However, the state told that Dr. Jones did not try enough to find a supervisor. Finally, he had a choice: to find an inspector or to stop working. Supporters of Dr. Jones saw this situation as the objection to treating Lyme disease and the news spread among other doctors.

Lyme disease is an illness with which people can be infected because of the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. It spreads among children mostly under ten years of age. Some people consider the Lyme disease as a serious illness, but others think it to be a myth and consider it as a long fatigue.

Secondly, Dr. Jones met a little boy who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Doctor’s prescription was to use antibiotics. He noticed that the boy felt better on those medicines. After that, the boy asked the doctor to keep him on them and it was a good idea. However, there were some problems. People said that he could not treat the boy with long-term antibiotics. The Infectious Disease Society of America told that using antibiotic for a long period is dangerous as they may kill helpful bacteria in our body. It is not healthy.

Moreover, Dr. Jones had a choice: either to treat people with long-term antibiotics or do not use them. He chose the first option. There were positive outcomes. A nurse and a member of the Newton Lyme Disease said that Dr. Jones saved her son’s life. He noticed all the symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain and headaches. Her son lost a big part of his childhood. His mother showed him to many doctors but there were no results. They did not see the Lyme disease. After a two-hour examination, Dr. Jones diagnosed the boy with Lyme. He started to treat him using antibiotics. After some time, the boy was doing better. It was a surprise. His behavior changed for the better. Mother of the boy wanted to help the doctor. She asked a few pediatricians to become his supervisors, but again all refused to help.

To sum up, Dr. Jones is a famous doctor who treats and investigates the Lyme disease. There were many people to complain about his methods. He had problems because of some individuals who accused him of not seeing the patients before diagnosing them with the illness and complained about the price. However, the bigger issue was the using of antibiotics for a long period. Dr. Jones had to pay fines and to find a supervisor but nobody of his colleagues wanted to help him because they did not want to be involved in such controversial case of Lyme disease. Thus, he used long-terms antibiotics to treat his patients and it helped them to become healthier.

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