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Are You Being Fair? essay

Without any doubt, in the 21st century educational system has faced a big problem, commonly known as unfairness. Nowadays, teachers have lost sight of the fact that unfair treatment with the students may cause serious damage for the future science and the development of global society. Human stark ...

Article Comparison essay

David Zinczenko is an author and chief magazine editor who in the article Don’t Blame the Eater presents a situation that raises a confluence of issues that cover criticism of the society’s failure to uphold good social and health conduct. The article presents two children who try to ...

Coping with Prejudice essay

All people are unique. However, sometimes being different can bring serious troubles. The society has many prejudices – people may judge a person by the color of skin, nationality, religion or disability. It hurts, but one has a choice: to suffer silently, to confront, or to fight back. For ...

Film Speech about "King's Speech" essay

Everyday day we encounter different things that influence our mood. Sometimes they may cause deeper changes; for example, they may change our view on life or particular things. Of course, turning points or extraordinary events do not happen every day. That is why we read books and watch films, as ...

Fishing at the Stone Weir essay

A documentary movie “Fishing at the Stone Weir” depicts Netsilik Eskimos, the People of the Seal, during the provision preparation period. Produced in 1967, this film provides scenes from authentic society before it was influenced by European culture. It has no translation or ...

Guess Who essay

“Guess Who” is a comedy directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan that touches a serious issue of race relations. The main characters Theresa (Zoe Saldana) and Simon (Ashton Kutcher) are coming to the 25th wedding anniversary of heroine’s parents. They are willing to announce about their ...

Gun Control Agenda Narrows as Skepticism Grows essay

The article “Gun Control Agenda Narrows as Skepticism Grows” written by Heidi Przybyla deals with an issue of gun ownership legislation. Numerous incidents of carnage in public places such as schools and parking lots raised a question about providing the gun restrictions. However, the ...

Historical Accuracy of "Saving Private Ryan" essay

War is the worst tragedy that may happen to the mankind. What can be powerful enough to describe the horror and cruelty of battles? There are many films dedicated to wars – some of them are romanticized, some are simplified. Steven Spielberg’s movie “Saving Private Ryan” was ...

Illusions of Life essay

Abstract The paper explores the way illusions influence our lives as based on the film Life is Beautiful. They are based on our intuitions that can be very deceptive. People tend to make themselves believe that they can feel or sense something, and by doing that mistake their wishes for reality. ...

Intercultural Communication in the Movie Crash essay

Communication is one of the most important activities in human life that helps people to exchange any information or thoughts with each other. The international communication, in its turn, is a kind of communication that can occur even across borders of different countries. One of the greatest ...

Reflection of "The Story of Louis Pasteur" & "The Omega Man" essay

The movies The Story of Lois Pasteur and The Omega Man are filmed by famous, talented directors and both of them are of American production. However, the genres of these movies are different. The Story of Lois Pasteur is the first biopic movie, while The Omega Man belongs to science fiction. The ...

Social Responsibility of Business essay

The article “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits” deals with the hotly contested speculations on the subject of social conscience of business. It is claimed that social responsibility is an attribute that better fits an individual rather than such a vague ...

The Godfather essay

Ford Coppola’s 1972 “The Godfather” that consisted a cast of Al Pacino and Robert Duvall, among others, was a marvelled film that could have been one of the marvelled movies ever to be produced. Notably the film has received a positive reception and that 100% rating. The film ...

TV Show Report essay

On Friday, 19 April, the TV show “On the Money with Maria Bartiromo” was dedicated to the issue of Boston tragedy, future of print news and 2013’s worst week for markets. The guests of the studio were commenting the latest events on the local and global level and giving their ...

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