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The movies The Story of Lois Pasteur and The Omega Man are filmed by famous, talented directors and both of them are of American production. However, the genres of these movies are different. The Story of Lois Pasteur is the first biopic movie, while The Omega Man belongs to science fiction. The main objective of this paper is to discuss similarities, differences and the major topics of these movies.

First of all, it should be said that The Story of Lois Pasteur belongs to more mature and serious movies, because the main hero, despite all challenges he had in life, has managed to pursue his goal and save many lives. On the contrary, the main hero of The Omega Man is not only fictional, but even unreal. This is just the hero, who was trapped and meant to save everyone and himself in the unrealistic world while fighting with unreal scary monsters. However, one can find something interesting in both of these movies. For example, the main characters gained what they wanted and saved people’s lives despite all challenges, and it does not matter whether they were real people or some scary fictional monsters. In The Story of Lois Pasteur, Pasteur ran away from the society he was living in for many years. All the people around judged him too much, but he was just trying to help his family in times of epidemic. The main character of The Omega Man, Neville, was also looking for a cure just to save his family from the epidemic of scary monstrous mutations. It is quite important for every viewer to see the arguments mentioned above as well as the theme of family that is one of the leading in both these movies. Moreover, it should be mentioned that the theme of loneliness is one more theme that is common for both films. According to different situations, both Neville from The Omega Man and Pasteur from The Story of Lois Pasteur were isolated from society. Neville was isolated against his will and only because of epidemic; he was afraid to get infected. On the contrary, Lois Pasteur, being judged and laughed at by his colleagues, was made to leave his hometown and move to France. The feeling of isolation, loneliness and a sort of betrayal are the main motives of both movies. All the information mentioned above proves that these movies, which at the first gaze seem to be quite different in genres and plot, have many similarities. However, there are indeed a lot of differences between them. Despite the fact that the main character in The Omega Man was absolutely against the mutants, even though they were just infected people, Lois Pasteur in The Story of Lois Pasteur was still trying to help his false friends. While Neville just gave up on people, on his friend and the close ones in the end of the story, Lois in The Story of Lois Pasteur forgave his friends and after all made a cure for epidemic. As to the structure of these movies, The Omega Man due to its horror genre is full of dramatic monologues and ironic lines, while The Story of Lois Pasteur is more complex with a smart script.

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The Story of Lois Pasteur and The Omega Man are good movies with an amazing and talented cast. Moreover, it becomes obvious that one still can find serious and actual themes even in fictional films.

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