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Everyday day we encounter different things that influence our mood. Sometimes they may cause deeper changes; for example, they may change our view on life or particular things. Of course, turning points or extraordinary events do not happen every day. That is why we read books and watch films, as they help us to experience vivid emotions. In order to feel an adrenaline rush, we watch films. Some of them do not have any deep meaning. Their aim is only to make us laugh, to terrify or to irritate us. Personally, I like films which can teach me something. After watching such films, I like the feeling that I have learned or realized something new. I call this moment the “flash of clarification.” In addition to that, for me, it is important how the film influences my perception of life and whether it inspires me.

Today, I want to share my thoughts on a film that really moved me. It is the film King’s Speech. It made me laugh, cry, and worry. It also inspired me. This film deals with some significant issues that interest me. An important fact is that this film is about real people and real historical events. It is not a fiction story, so that is why the film is so close to the viewer. In addition to that, the film shows how determination and patience are important in achieving goals and how many attempts lead to success. I am not the only one who thinks that this film is great. It got the approval of the Queen (Daily Mail Reporter, 2011). The film teaches that there is no need to have any supernatural skills in order to be strong and move on.

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The film is memorable to me as it made me laugh and cry. For example, one of the scenes that made me laugh and cry was when speech therapist Lionel made the King use “strong language” which “loosened King’s tongue.” In fact, the whole therapy was funny because of its non-traditional nature. However, it was also moving. The reason why this scene made me cry was that it reminded me of every time when me or my dear people gave up because it was hard to get the desired result. While watching the film, I realized that even kings have personal problems and they have to work hard to solve them.

Moreover, the film made me worry; for example, the scenes after the former king’s death. I felt so because of the delicacy and awkwardness of the situation. Also, the scene when George’s brother spoke to George about his abdication and made him stutter was worrying. I felt so because I hoped that George and Lionel had achieved some results.

The film also inspired me. To be honest, the entire film is a source of inspiration to me. The most memorable and inspiring scene was the King’s speech about the beginning of the war and the scene after it. George IV was proud of himself. His family and his faithful friend were proud of his courage as well. This inspired me to move forward and never give up. It reminded me of each step back and convinced me that I will never stop on the way to my dreams.

In summary, the film influenced me in many ways. It made me laugh and cry. It worried and inspired me. The courage and persistence of the King and his speech therapist, as well as the support of George’s wife, moved me. I recommend this film to everyone who is seeking inspiration and courage in pursuit of their dreams.

The film King’s Speech stirs deep emotions. It entertains and teaches at the same time. It is the most distinguishing feature of the film. Another advantage is that the events described in the film really happened. This fact doubles the effect because you realize that everyone has problems regardless of their status or origin, but everyone can deal with them

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