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Without any doubt, in the 21st century educational system has faced a big problem, commonly known as unfairness. Nowadays, teachers have lost sight of the fact that unfair treatment with the students may cause serious damage for the future science and the development of global society. Human stark reality indicates that teachers used to divide the class into two groups, such as pets and unfavorable students. In this case, pets get higher marks, teacher’s attention, interesting projects and unfavorable students suffer from teacher’s bad attitude, poor knowledge, and low grades. Consequently, this will lead to absolute disrespect and abhorrence to the teacher.

In the framework of identifying appropriate methods how to stay fair in the teaching practice, it is highly recommended to investigate the concept of favoritism. According to Elisha Babad, the author of The Social Psychology of the Classroom,favoritism does not determine the teacher’s favorable student, but it investigates the transmission of devices of non-verbal communication, especially emotions, to different students, their absorbance, and their interpretation into the reality (Saitz, ND). In this case, it is distinctly apprehended that teacher’s behavior and manner of teaching considerably influences not only student’s perception of the information, but also their life styles and casual behavior.

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Undoubtedly, professional and high-qualified teachers have developed their personal methodology how to be fair; however, there are some pedagogical tactics that are applicable to every “fair conducting of the lessons”. Firstly, teachers should not leave any child behind. By this, it is meant to involve every child during the lesson. Moreover, teachers can apply different additional devices, such as cards, camera, and teaching tools for the iPhone or iPad that can help to control student’s involvement and to reward them fairly. Secondly, teachers should always improve their pedagogical and methodological knowledge. For instance, they can participate in TESA programs that examine teacher’s behavior and help them to develop their non-verbal communication. Thirdly, it is advisable to take advice in other teachers and to ask them to observe teacher’s way of conducting the lesson and interaction with the students. Undoubtedly, fair comments will positively influence self-motivation and self-esteem. Moreover, teachers should accentuate that every student is special, that is why, in order to be fair, teachers should praise everyone. Furthermore, the grading system also plays a significant role, since it shows student’s progress. Thus, teachers should be very assiduous when they create the tasks; while in their class can be the students from different countries and cultures. In this case, it is highly advisable to create the different personal approach to every student. Additionally, teachers should learn how to control their emotions (Saitz, ND). For instance, a teacher cannot laugh when a student makes a mistake, since this will not only spoil student’s mood, but also it will definitely ruin teacher’s name. In the modern century, it is necessary that a teacher has leadership skills.

Indisputably, teachers should remember that they are models of learning processes with whom students associate themselves (Bryner, 1977). In this case, it is highly advisable for teachers to control their language, since it is a set of symbols that shows not only intelligent level, but also personal culture and general erudition. Thus, this set of symbols should be equal to every student. For example, teacher cannot continue talking about high brow stuffs with his/ her pet, when other students do not understand even the first sentence of their discussion. Moreover, teachers should pay attention to their personal non-verbal communication, particularly their emphatic expression, body message, and gestures, taking into consideration student’s needs (Rose, 1992). Consequently, teacher should advert how students perceive the materials. In this case, it is recommended to check equally students with high intelligent level and those who have some problems with learning (Hart, 2000).

All in all, teacher should meet the requirements of their profession. Thus, they should adopt developed teaching devices that can help to assess the students fairly and to create contributory learning atmosphere. Undoubtedly, fairness will affirmatively influence studying procedures and stimulate to student’s personal development.

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