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Among all types of media such as press, cinema, photography, television and others, music has always been the most powerful tool of influence and communication delivery. Not only has it made the world more informative, but also has greatly contributed to people’s unity and individuality. It is the music that guides me when I am down and fills me up when I am on a roll. Music is also a crucial factor that defines my personality and forms my outlook on life.

As we live in the world of movement and mass media progress, there is a necessity to find an accompaniment that would keep you on the go. Personally for me, it is music. It is a nice way to find relaxation, soothe emotional tension and immerse myself in a fascinating world of sound, free of restrictions and obligations. Music inspires me to explore new things and achieve a particular state of mind. Whatever surrounding I am in, whether it is school, street, transport, or nature, music is my personal guide to the unknown, yet beautiful. This is the place where I have a chance to be with myself.

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Anytime I hear a familiar melody or sound, I stop and listen. It is the most precious moment when I transfer myself into the world of memories and emotions that once I was lucky to experience. A pleasant feeling of happiness, joy, and nostalgia awaken in my soul when I listen to music. Its great power reminds me that I am a human being able to sense and perceive my deeds, making appropriate conclusions.

Music is my permanent friend with a diversity of characters. A pensive and a slow-paced music helps me to be focused when I read a book or need to do some assignment. When I listen to such type of music, it serves me as a background for my work. It fully engages me in my brain activity and increases productivity of my work. On the contrary, an upbeat and more rhythmical music provides me with a good portion of energy and positive thinking. It eases my concern about the troubles or simply helps me to look at them from a different angle. Such type of music reveals another personality in me. It is my passionate, enthusiastic and ambitious nature, which pushes me forward.

Out of all genres which music embraces, I prefer rock music; in particular, punk, new wave, and post-punk, since these types of music are a perfect combination of joy and melancholia, which I admire in the music the most. According to Richard Campbell, Christopher R. Martin, and Bettina Fabos, they “reopened the door to rock experimentation at a time when the industry had turned the music into a purely commercial enterprise” (93). They introduced a new culture of sound with its peculiarities and icons. So, whatever my mood is, I have a variety of styles to choose.

A splendid example of new wave style is the song “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode, which is my preferred at the same time. It is a real masterpiece of music, the finest mix of lyrics and melody, which flow together in a complete harmony of sound. Whenever I find myself listening to it, I realize that the most cherished moments in our life are full of tranquility and peace. They are wordless by nature. And all you have to do is just appreciate them.

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For me, music is a dynamic engine that maintains my life balance and accompanies me in every life situation regardless its nature or mood. Its power and influence on my outlook and personality are eternal.

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