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Part 1: Initiating

Task 1: Job Description

The project leader position for the implementation of the Resource Management System Project requires an individual with both the human resource qualifications and a background in information technology. These skills are needed because the job holder will utilize the human resource knowledge and information technology to develop a system that can help improve the human resource management process. The selection of the individuals responsible for the management of projects should focus on people with the required expertise and knowledge in the respective field. The recruitment process should be done to suit the needs of all the projects being implemented. The head of the project should be an individual with human resource management knowledge. The candidates should also have knowledge of information technology.

The selected person should also have participated in the implementation of various human resource management systems that used advanced technology and information. Experience of the candidate for the post is also considered an essential requirement for the job position. This person should have a wide experience in human resource management or be a professional consultant in the human resource management. He or she should also be flexible and able to work in a highly dynamic team. Other essential skills that are required for the candidate include ability to work in a team, effective communication skills, and strong interpersonal skills. The candidate should be able to liaise with all the various stakeholders of the project to ensure that the operation is smooth and thus facilitates the success of the project.  It requires sufficient and adequate negotiation skills of the candidate so as to help engage all the stakeholders of the project.

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Task 2: Potential Financial Benefits

The new Resource Management System Project being implemented can be associated with various financial benefits. The new project is aimed at managing the human resource of the company. The system will be responsible for improving various functions of human resources division that include tracking of applicants, the orientation of new employees, benefits management, compensations, and employee security. The project is aimed at providing one centralized and flexible system that can effectively manage all the workforce of the Biotech, Inc. Currently, the company operates several decentralized systems where various managers use different systems to manage their workforce as well as develop a software to help assign workforce to various tasks or projects.

One major financial benefit for the new Resource Management System is that it can lead to a reduction of cost associated with the management of the workforce. A centralized management system can ensure that there is a single department responsible for the management of all the human resource affairs of the organization. Having a decentralized management system is associated with various bureaucracies, and it can also lead to an increase in the operation costs. As a result, introducing the centralized management system can help reduce such high level of bureaucracy and contribute to the competitive advantage of organizations.

The reduction of cost can also be associated with the improved efficiency of the new system. The use of information technology to conduct the operation of businesses can contribute to the efficiency of organizations. When there is improved efficiency of organizations, there are chances that they will increase their productivity, which, in turn, can enhance their financial performance. The improvement of the human resource management practices can also help to reduce the time and costs associated with the current human resource management system of the organization.

Part 2: Planning and Executing

Task 1: Stakeholders Analysis

Stakeholder’s analysis in projects management refers to the identification of all individuals that can affect the outcome of the project or get affected by the activities of the project (Turner 2014). It also involves sorting out the individuals that affect or are affected by the proposed course of action based on the impact the action can have on them. Various stakeholders are related to the Resource Management System Project. These include human resource department, information technology department, and the employees of the organization. The human resource department will be affected by the new system as it will lead to its improved efficiency and delivery. It will ensure that the processes of human resource management are improved, which can lead to a reduction of the operational costs of an organization.

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Another stakeholder that will be affected by the Resource Management System Project includes the information technology staff. The improvement in the information technology in the organization can lead to the betterment of business processes. The company’s information management system can improve its efficiency and thus performance due to the introduction of the centralized management system. Again, the restructuring process requires a huge investment in the information technology sector. It means that the budget allocation in the Information Technology Sector will increase.

The management of the organizations can also influence the outcome of the project. It plays an significant role in determining the implementation methods and the results of the project (Burke 2013).  The management as the major stakeholders are interested in improving the management efficiency of the organization. They are in need of moving from the decentralized management system to the centralized one. It can help them obtain control of all the affairs of organizations and facilitate effective decision-making. A centralized management system can also reduce the management cost and inefficiency of businesses, thus increasing the productivity and profitability of the management.

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Task 2: Project Management Plan and the Probability/Impact Matrix

Project management plan refers to the formal and approved document that defines and provides guidelines regarding how a given project should be accomplished (Cooper 2005).  It includes all the measures that can help towards project execution, monitoring, and control.  It can also contain a detailed summary of the process used to implement the project.  The project management plan for the Resource Management System Project will be composed of the Precise Scope Statement, the Schedule/Time Management, Cost or Budget Management, Quality Management Section, Human Resource Planning, Communications Strategy and Risks, and Issues Management.

The Precise Scope Statement provides a brief definition of the project being implemented in the organizations. The precise Scope Statement of the Project is to develop a centralized information system that can ensure the effective management of human resource of the company.

In the schedule or Time Management, it is important for the management to provide time management processes and plans of the project. The project should be accomplished within one year. The project managers and all the employees should ensure that they adhere to strict time guidelines when implementing the project. Cost or budget management is an important process in the project management that ensures that the organization can meet the cost of the project (Huchzermeier & Loch 2001). There should be stringent financial measures that can enable the organization to meet its stipulated budget. The Project managers should work within the cost and budget limit so as to ensure that they do not incur any additional costs.

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Quality management is crucial when determining the standards and specifications of customers regarding the given project. The quality management system can help the management ensure that the high standards of the information system are met. It can help the organization to achieve the aims and objectives associated with the project.

Human Resource Planning is one of the areas that the project aimed to improve. It is important to develop good human resource planning to ensure that employees are productive throughout the implementation process. It can facilitate the successful completion of the Resource Management System Project.

Communication Strategy is required in the management of projects since it allows sharing of information and messages and thus successful completion of the project (Kerzner 2013). Proper communication among the entire relevant stakeholders should be preserved to ensure improved outcome.

Risk and Issue Management

Risk and issue management can help to mitigate or reduce the occurrence of the various dangers that are associated with a given project. These risks can lead to its failure if not properly managed (Burke 2013). They include technical, cost, and schedule risks among others. The implementation of the project should be subjected to adequate risks management strategies to ensure its successful completion in the market.  The ranking of the project risks can be based on their impact on accomplishing the project’s mission. The project managers should be able to determine the probability and dangers to prioritize the risks and develop an effective risk management strategy.

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