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Peter Hidel has worked at HG Hotel as a manager for seven years. He is an ambitious person, who believes in his success in a chosen career. He has an extremely high level of understanding of what qualities are important for a managerial job. He likes luxury hotels and believes that he can achieve the best results on the position of a manager. HG Hotel is a five-star hotel that combines great service and its independent personality with a perfect style. This hotel is the right place, where one can work or relax during a day and have fun at night events. This paper describes all aspects and skills crucial for every manager who wants to achieve success in his work. This paper helps to understand that manager’s work is extremely difficult and it demands one to have knowledge and abilities to lead the staff and to ensure success of the organization as a whole.

Generally, the managerial work is highly important for every organization. The way of organization of the work process, the management plan, and solution of problems that might arise are keys to effectiveness and productiveness of the organization. Moreover, professional management is a basis of every business, which will lead to success. Therefore, such work has many important issues, understanding of which influence the results. The main functions of this job are leading, planning, controlling, and organizing (Carpenter et al. 27).

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Leading includes informal and social influence sources used to lead and inspire actions of others. Effective managers should be able to create the enthusiastic environment among the staff, which helps to achieve goals and proper results. Various researches describe what strategy and behavior are the most effective ones for the managers.

Planning is the management function that includes an understanding of the existing work conditions and their future changes. This function is quite difficult and it consists of several stages. The first one is the scanning of the environment. This step means that a manager must understand the challenges that the organization in modern economic conditions faces, what demands the customers have, and what conditions will be in future. The next step is focused on the alternatives the organization has in achieving the necessary results. Hence, the managers, according to what has been mentioned before, must make quick and effective decisions. The last stage is the achievement of successful results and some correctional actions if necessary.

Controlling includes the assurance that committed actions do not differ from the standards. The function consists of several steps such as development standards of the performance, comparing the process of the performed actions with the standards, and deciding whether it is necessary to have some correctional works. Control over standards is provided by the results of the production, sales reports, and satisfaction of the customers. The high level of the effectiveness in the controlling, demands the creation of a plan and the rational limits of the deviation from the required performance.

Organizing is the function that includes the development of the organizational structure that is supposed to coordinate the work of a company. It also includes making the decision about work of the departments, their coordination, and effectiveness. In addition, the organizing function helps to use the human resources in the most effective way. This function is highly important for the companies’ well-being because it makes them work at their fullest capacity.

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The above-mentioned functions are standard in all areas, and they will help to achieve the best results. However, it is important firstly to apply these qualities to a manager`s life and then to the staff. The most important thing is an effective organization of the personal work schedule. For Peter Hidel, the working day begins early and includes numerous tasks and projects. His main responsibilities during the day consist of financial management, budget controlling, coordination of the hotel services, analyzing the profit and sales target, monitoring and training of the staff, meeting with customers and solving their problems, organization of the events, coordination of suppliers and contractors, and controlling effectiveness of the security personnel. Overall, planning and organization of the working day are highly important in management, and they help to increase the effectiveness of a manager and the entire organization.

Another important aspect includes skills necessary for one to become a successful manager. In general, for managers, it is typical to be initiative, create a motivation for employees, and be in good relations with the staff. It should be noted that some obligatory managerial skills have a common character (AKDN Civil Society Programme 9). Firstly, leadership is crucial as managers are supposed to lead the staff in the needed direction and persuade others to follow their ideas. The criterion of communication skills is quite important for every manager because this main connection between clients and the employees provides both groups with information. Delegation implies that in case of necessity, managers must delegate tasks and to share the responsibility. Versatility quality is significant because flexibility makes managers able to react quickly and to make decisions in various conditions. Such a skill as creativity helps to lead the organization to success, be original, and to increase achievements. Discipline is the skill that provides the manager with the ability to organize not only his/her work but also the work of the entire organization.

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The hotel business has some peculiar demands to the managerial work. In addition to the above-mentioned skills, it is necessary for a manager to have an ability to find a balance between the priorities of the work and the customers in a calm and professional manner. Hence, interpersonal skills, rational attitude toward different situations, and great patience are significant. Another decisive issue is a management style that can be influenced by a number of aspects. First, it is an individual’s personal influence, the way this individual completes tasks, the level of creativity, and other things have a huge role for an individual’s leadership style. Another aspect is communication because a manager controls the way the employees receive information. The strategy that helps people to deal with this information makes the manager more professional.

The next aspect includes employees themselves. It depends on how close the manager works with the staff because if they work closely, the leadership style will change. Another aspect that influences the management style is the type of business. Depending on the type of the business and company strategies, the leadership style will be the same – flexible or lacking compromise.

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The attitude toward work and his own personality have great influence on the leadership style of Peter Hidel. As a very creative, initiative, confident, very disciplined, and professional person, he demands the same traits and attitude from the staff. Nowadays, managers meet numerous challenges on a daily basis, and many of these challenges are quite common for them. Among the great number of motivation challenges, one can name the understanding things that can motivate the employees. Every manager must realize that type of motivation would be perfect for the staff. Therefore, some people can be motivated by the balance in work and personal life or praise, while for others salary is the main benefit. The manager’s work is to understand these types of motivation considering personality and responsibilities of every employee.

Another challenge is the creation of fair conditions for everyone. One of the most valuable motivation aspects is fairness. It is highly important to create a fair working environment, which means an improvement of the adequate system of benefits and rewards as well as considering achievements and performances of the employees without favoritism. The next challenge is a combination of the employee and work goals. It is critical to be sure that the work motivation of the staff is similar to work goals provided by the manager. Otherwise, this situation will lead to the professional failure and disappointment. Without this strategy, it is quite difficult to achieve the planned results and success in the job (Adamus 10). Moreover, it is decisive to show an example of a high professional level in performing tasks. By behaving as an extremely confident and initiative person, it is possible for a manager to motivate the staff to do their job even better than before (Adamus 10).

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In addition to this, Gentry et al. mention other challenges, and one of them is team leading (4). Many managers face the problems of dealing with a big team, trying to understand how to lead them, how to develop competitive environment, and at the same time, to support the team, how to work with a new staff, and so on. Effectiveness development is another challenge of developing and improving strategic thinking, organization and time-management, effective decisions and prioritization skills. All of these are supposed to contribute to the overall work efficiency. The challenge of management of internal politics is about dealing with politics and relation among the group, individuals, or the departments of the organization. Finally, dealing with changes brings about the challenge of understanding, leading and managing with alterations, having to the deal with the resisting to the alterations, staff attitude and facing consequences of the changes (Barrows et al. 38).

For Peter Hidel, dealing with changes, especially when he left the previous place of work and continued his career in HG Hotel, was one of the crucial challenges. Becoming adjusted to a new concept of work in this hotel and to leading of the staff through changes, which he brought with himself, were the difficult steps. The new attitude towards the job and new ideas had to be formed.

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Since then, Peter believes that the best part of his work is planning and time-management, which is very important for success. Another reason for satisfaction in the chosen job is the ability to travel because of different work meetings in various places. Therefore, such work helps Peter to provide his best professional qualities and to combine his passion and the work demands. However, not all things are so pleasurable. The most difficult and irritating thing for Peter is to do the same tasks several times. Peter Hidel is a creative and initiative person who believes that people should grow professionally and avoid staying at the same level of development. To provide such a growth, it is important for a manager to invent new tasks and aims and face new challenges.

It is quite critical to continue improving one’s abilities at work. Therefore, some people regularly try to get new knowledge, to learn something additionally and to be open for new abilities and chances. Now, Peter Hidel tries to improve his professional skills by getting his MBA. He works and studies at the same time, which is quite difficult. However, for Peter, it is a good chance to become even more successful and to lead the hotel to the new level.

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Overall, the manager’s job is extremely difficult and it demands a high level of the professionalism and creative attitude toward work. This job makes the manager face numerous challenges. Hence, he has to show his own example to the staff and lead the organization to success. The work of a manager requires many skills, without which it is impossible to complete all tasks and to achieve the desired result. Therefore, a successful manager must possess specific skills and goals, education, and proper attitude toward the work and the staff.

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