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Managing Ethics

In the American Medical Association (AMA), managers take the responsibility for controlling ethical conduct. Particularly, they make sure employees know and understand the ethical code of the organization. They also ensure that workers are free to ask questions to gain a clear understanding of ethical principles  and meet the expected behavioral conduct of employees in the organization. Moreover, managers have a role to play in responding and acting quickly to reduce the effect of possible ethical violations. In case staff members face ethical dilemmas or breach the ethical code of the AMA, managers should give advice and help those employees.

However, the ethics committee should also be engaged in managing ethics. In particular, it should be responsible for creating conducive conditions to assist workers in following the code of ethics and make sure that every employee complies with its principles. In matters of human rights and anti-corruption the ethics committee presents and promotes the policies of ethics (Hesselbein & Goldsmith, 2009). Therefore, the ethics committee is responsible for providing the evidence and the documentation because protocols ought to be dated and classified before archived. In general, the ethics committee will ultimately make a decision as to whether the administration is a real issue or a mere complaint.

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Employment Law and the Disabilities Act

Employment, education, transportation, public accommodations, public services, and the communication barriers have contributed to overwhelming social and economic costs experienced by the American society (EEOC, 2008). Gradually, they weaken opportunities of the people with disabilities to get an education, receive a job offer, and become equal members of the society. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) made the society benefit from the abilities, skills, and talents of disabled people, thus leading to better lifestyles for all American citizens. The ADA protects the disabled people with civil rights similar for every individual, regardless of gender, age, national originality, skin color, and religion. Concerning the transportation, public accommodations, job opportunities, and the services of local government, the ADA gives people with disabilities equal opportunities (EEOC, 2008) Therefore, the policy of nondiscrimination as indicated by the American Association of People with Disabilities is ideally the most fundamental in governing policies and programs among the physically challenged persons under the employment laws. The AMA should also adhere to the ADA, providing equal employment opportunities, support, and accommodations to disabled physicians (HCPro’s Medical Staff Briefing, 2011). According to the ADA, it is also prohibited to ask applicants whether they have disabilities, hence contributing to similar chances of employment. Moreover, the AMA should have a health committee, which task will be to assess disabled doctors’ performance and advocating for them.

Code of Ethics

In any business, a code of ethics is a vital document because breaches of ethics can make companies face serious problems with their customers, other institutions, or the government. With the code of ethics, decisions are easily made at every organizational level by mitigating uncertainty and individual perspectives regarding the standards of ethics. Indeed, a code of ethics gives guidelines to all decisions of the manager and creates a basic structure upon which all decisions are made. A good formal communication promoted by the code of ethics protects the company’s reputation in the cases of a breach of ethics by an employee (Hesselbein & Goldsmith, 2009).

The code of ethics is duly important in that its coverage scope within diverse levels is corporate and departmental. In the latter category, it deals with highly specific matters relating to trends or experiences in the affected workgroup. At the corporate level, the ethical standards generally represent ideal motives and communicate ethical visions regarding the organization. Within various geographic areas or units of business, ethical standards become more specific as applied to the industry or the region of concern. Moreover, the codes of ethics are deemed crucial concerning international matters. Ethical standards differ from country to country; therefore, international business partners ought to understand an organization’s code of ethics and the ethical standards of culture to ensure efficiency.

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Physical Fitness Programs

Numerous companies have either laid down plans or have already put in place physical fitness programs for their members. Statistically, the US has over 50,000 business firms promoting physical exercise programs. Various companies that advocate these programs regard it as beneficial in increasing the ability of competent employees, improving attitudes, and increasing productivity. Furthermore, they give a reflection of company’s consideration for non-work attributes for the lives of its employees. There are two underlying reasons for the outlined benefits. First, fitness centers are attractive to the employees with health concerns. In such case, cardiovascular fitness is a major area of focus. Second, fitness programs are deemed a measure of reducing the impacts of stress (Golding & Bos, 2009). It is becoming increasingly important to adopt stress management measures as stress and pressure result in reduced productivity, poor performance, accidents, and high rates of turnover. For instance, the AMA based in Chicago encourages its employees to use the staircase within its 16 floors. Moreover, workers have an opportunity to participate in daily dances, tai chi, and yoga among other fitness exercises. Finally, the AMA frequently makes invitations for guest speakers on matters of wellness.

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State of Unions

Nowadays, major unions such as AFL-CIO work towards the provision of benefits to company members. These benefits concern enhanced positivity in the work environment, better salaries, improved job security, and enhanced ability to strike whenever certain conditions do not adhere. The big unions equally seek political milestones in endeavors to influence legislation that will be beneficial to the organizations and employees under its representation. There is the arrangement of power resources among unions inclusive of internal solidarity along with the ability to use the resources with changing contexts (Hesselbein & Goldsmith, 2009). Furthermore, there is a significant dependence on the capacity of unions to learn, ensure collaborative actions and networking, and foster timely actions. The success of these factors requires effective delegation, access to networks, ideas, and information.

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