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The duties of a manager in any company include not only the organization of the workflow and the control of its effectiveness, but also resolving of a number of the problems, which may arise during the working process. One of such problems can be the need to fire an employee for any reason. It is an integral part of the workflow, but the understanding of this does not make it more acceptable. Often, the process of dismissal can be difficult not only for the employees but also for the manager. Understanding how to act properly in this situation so that it is resolved with minimal negative consequences for all the parties is an art that every leader should possess.

One of the problems that arise in the process of layoffs is the uncertainty of the manager or the employee of the personnel department in the approachable actions. They do not know, do not understand how to fire people, how to conduct the conversation on this subject. A way to make the manager not lost in such a stressful situation may be conducting trainings and seminars that will deal with this subject. These programs can help to structure the conversation with the person who should be dismissed, clearly defining its main components, and possible alternatives to the further course of the conversation. It will help the manager to know where to start, what manner of conversation to follow, on what things to focus and be ready for different return reactions from the employee (Bouw, 2013). The obligatory point in these measures should be the participation of the psychologist, who can give an advice on how to make the dismissal the most painless. In order to mentally prepare the manager to such situations, as well as to ensure the awareness of personnel of the fact that they can be fired and their adequate perception of the outcome of this of events, one can invite the psychologist to work as a full-time employee. It will also help to reduce stress levels and monitor the psychological state of the staff. It will provide an opportunity to consult on various issues, including how the manager has to carry on a conversation with a particular employee.

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To solve the problem the expert method will be used. According to it, people who have a great experience in work with the staff and its turnover will conduct the training of the managers. They will be able to objectively demonstrate using the real life examples how to fire a person properly, without harming him/her and the company. At the same time, the method of analysis and a systematic approach will be the key elements in the learning process. During seminars and trainings, methods of simulation and role-playing games can be used, thanks to which participants will be able to take the role of managers as well as of the ones who are fired. It will help the managers to adapt partly to their role, and will reduce the effect of surprise.

Solution of this problem by conducting trainings and seminars and hiring a psychologist has some nuances. This approach requires material resources, and is time-consuming for implementing. To overcome this barrier, it is necessary to make evaluation of the appropriateness of such measures. In order for top management to approve these methods, it is necessary to substantiate the need for them with the concretization of the usefulness and benefits that the company will get as a result. Reducing the stress as a destructive factor as well as providing the organization with competent layoffs, which will not be fraught with scandals and court proceedings are the main arguments for approval of the proposed measures.

The second problem associated with the layoffs can be the creation of negative impression among customers and shareholders if after dismissal the performance of the company gets worse. It can give people a reason to doubt the competence of management or even the stability of the firm. The solution to this problem will be a public statement of the reasons of layoffs for the customers and shareholders to give them an objective understanding of what is happening. Through the public meetings, management should explain the basis on which the dismissal took place, its reasons, and what consequences it may cause. Although risk of occurrence of panic may be present, this solution will be able to protect the firm form the spread of rumors and false information. In addition, management will have an opportunity to provide answers to a number of significant issues in this regard, which will prevent people from making hasty decisions that can aggravate the state of the company and cause its failure.

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For the development of this solution, it is necessary to use the method of the system analysis, which will help to formulate the complete complex picture of the situation not ignoring the essential details, actions, events. The method of economic analysis can help to explain the cause of the temporary reduction of performance indicators, including the view through the prism of a causal link. Not hiding behind the theoretical terms of numbers , it is worth to form the background information and to point out concretely the facts that can help employees, customers and shareholders to understand what caused the layoffs, why declines happened, and what the further actions of the management will be. The fact that the existing problems of companies can be neglected, may cause resentment among the senior management. Therefore, it is necessary to provide all the arguments for and against, emphasizing the adverse effects of ignoring the fact of anxiety among the audience.

Firing a person is emotionally difficult, but it is an integral part of the work of any manager or employee of HR Department. Even if the dismissal is conditioned and reasonable, not every leader knows how to hold a conversation with the worker on this subject so that he/she correctly understands the issue without scandal or trial.

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