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To start with, it has to be stated that during the recent years the world has witnessed the development of Dubai as a state. Today, it attracts millions of tourists, while its citizens enjoy the democratic ruling and technological advances. The leadership style of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid played an essential role in transforming Dubai and initiating strategies, which assisted it to overcome the severe economic difficulties.

James Langton in his article “A Decade of Leadership: Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid and the Rise of Dubai” (2016) discusses the achievements that this political figure managed to introduce, and emphasizes that the secret of Sheikh’s success is hidden in his ability to overcome the difficulties and his motivation to improve the situation in Dubai. His leadership style is oriented towards changes, and this orientation is its major benefit. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid is not afraid of the innovations. His decision to construct the airport in 1985 and instigation of the building of the palm Jumeirah are the confirmation (Langton, 2016). The peculiar trait of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid is his passion towards technological transformations. He understands that progress never stops and Dubai should follow it, in order to keep up with the time. Rob-Jan de Jong (2015) emphasizes another positive feature, and notes that Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid is a realist, who did not cherish the dreams. He logically understood that oil supply would run out one day. For that reason, he took great efforts to transform Dubai into a modern city that would be able to thrive in an oil-free future (De Jong, 2015). This individual has the ability to predict the future outcomes long before their actual happening. This trade separates the ruler of Dubai from other leaders. Other Sheikhs think mainly about oil resources of the region, and do not consider the ways of turning the city into the technologically developed and advanced area. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid, on the contrary, considers the fate of his region. For example, the initiative to build the modern metro network is the proof of his care.

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It has to be stated that under the rule of such governor, Dubai has a chance for bright future. Sheikh Mohammed reasonably considers that tourist sector brings a number of benefits to the city and region in general. In his strategy, he outs an emphasis not on existing resources, but on development. In other words, he chooses constant motion, which definitely produces positive effect. Considering the opportunity of turning Dubai into the tourist attraction was beneficial to the city, as influx of tourists often leads towards the increase of finances coming into the city. Tourists come on vacations in order to spend their money. Today Dubai is a perfect place for it. Sheikh Mohammed has initiated the construction of luxurious hotels, which are appealing to newcomers. Moreover, this city is marked by the presence of fashion boutiques and exquisite restaurants. Another advantage of Dubai is presence of unique culture that promotes interest of the tourists. Sheikh Mohammed has masterfully admitted that the promotion of the city will result towards its flourishing. It has to be assumed that actions, taken by this person in Dubai, prove his wisdom as the governmental leader. He will definitely take care of the future of the UAE, as it is part of his strategy, aimed at advancement and innovation of the region.

In conclusion, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid is an individual, who has shown himself as a doting citizen and a wise politician, who takes care of the destiny of his country. His strategy is aimed at promoting and advancing the UAE and Dubai, in particular. He has managed to achieve positive results because of his ability to take far-reaching actions.

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