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Chapter One

Critical thinking refers to the process of conceptualizing, synthesizing, evaluating, and analyzing information. Information gathering involves communication, experience, observation, and reflection process leading to forming a belief or an opinion. Critical thinking constitutes accuracy, precision, clarity, relevance, consistency, good evidence, breadth, depth, and fairness. Creative thinking is a divergent way of thinking and involves exploring extra possibilities and generating unique and new ideas for a challenge. Creative thinking requires flexibility, brainstorming, imagery, metamorphic thinking, and the ability to stimulate curiosity. An inseparable bond exists between creative and critical thinking. In order to find an effective solution to the challenge a thinker has to generate ideas creatively and test their importance by critically analyzing them. A solution is achievable by critically thinking about the problem and then creatively deploying skills to solve the challenge.

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Chapter Four

The relationship between perceiving and believing is complex and complicated. However, both affect the opinion of a person towards a particular scenario. The action of perceiving requires a thinker to understand, envision, discern, recognize, and comprehend an issue. The activity of believing refers to the process of accepting information to be true and being convinced of the truth. The abilities to perceive and believe impact on each other in a way that personal perceptions of a person form a foundation of his/her beliefs. On the other hand, beliefs and values held by a person influence his/her perception of the situation. The relationship between the ability to believe and perceive depends on the personal judgment of an individual towards a stimuli. A person may perceive certain information to be true, but fail to believe the evidential truth in it, which means that perceiving leaves room for doubt and further interrogation. The activity of believing involves complete acceptance of the truth and leaves no room for further interrogation and evaluation.

Chapter Five

Critical thinking requires an individual to actively participate in the learning process and take personal time to understand, evaluate, and analyze the data provided. A critical thinker should take several steps to ensure better understanding and contribution in world affairs. Understanding world issues is achievable by engaging in critical and creative thinking when faced with complex challenges. Critical thinking involves analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing data to understand the underlying information and its impact on the world. Critical thinking enables a thinker to find a problem and the underlying factors resulting to it. Creative thinking involves brainstorming to produce new and unique ideas to solve the problem. These steps would ensure understanding of the world and provide a solution to the challenges.

Chapter Nine

Morals refer to principles that govern the conduct and enable a person to differentiate wrong and right actions. Moral actions in life lead to an enlightened moral existence. The society holds certain morals that guide the actions and relationship of a person to the community. Strict discipline and adherence to moral principles highlight a sense of responsibility of a member of the society leading to an enlightened moral existence. The unfettered and unrestricted freedom to choose and make decisions equals power. Human existence is restricted by religious, customary moral rules that govern the wrong and the right. Local and federal laws govern the limits of a person’s freedom; therefore, real power constitutes the ability to act regardless of restrictions.

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Chapter Twelve

The author states that critical and creative thinking result to an accomplished and enriched life. The truth in the author’s opinion is applicable in daily challenges, such as business and domestic challenges and conflicts. Critical thinkers are able to analyze and evaluate the problem and then creatively create and deploy ideas to solve a challenge. Accomplished life refers to the capacity of a person to successful meet set goals and expectations in life, such as career development or business. An accomplished life results directly from the ability to define, envision a personal idea of success, and work to attain set goals and targets.

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