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The American electoral process is very unique. No other democracy has such a convoluted process to select its leader, lasting nearly three years and costing billions of dollars. As we being our final class on the 2016 Presidential Election, reflect on the election cycle thus far.

What has surprised you the most?

Politics has always been a dirty business where all the candidates speculate on the keenest topics and skillfully play with the human feelings to get the desired votes. The American electoral process has no analogs in the entire world. The country is the example of a democratic society where the leader is elected by the majority of citizens in the result of the electoral race which lasts for several years. A present-day leader of the nation, Barack Obama, has made a great contribution to the welfare of the state. However, just like it always happens, not everyone is satisfied with his presidency. 2016 has become the year when the US society needs to choose another President.

At the present moment, the representative of the Democrat Party, Hilary Clinton maintains a several-point lead, topping the majority of the polls. However, the situation may change dramatically since the Republican Donald Trump has a powerful team that can help him to snatch the victory. As for the preferences of the current US President, it is clear that he is convinced that his follower will be a female. Obama does not believe in the political skills of Donald Trump, as well as his ability to benefit the country’s interests and welfare.

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The fact that not all the Republicans support Donald Trump and some of them freely state that they will vote for Hilary Clinton has really surprised me and perhaps many of the Trump’s potential voters. Additionally, I was surprised by a scandal with the personal e-mail of Hilary Clinton which helped Trump to get several points. Indeed, what it actually helped to do was to give all the political opponents of Hilary Clinton to criticize her honesty and integrity. However, I do believe that the biggest surprises are still waiting for the citizens after the euphoria of the elections. It is a common fact that the Presidents happen to change the directions heartily voiced in their election speeches.

Election Day is eleven weeks away. What do you hope to learn about presidential elections during that time?

The Election Day is eleven weeks away, but nobody can predict the outcome. Every week people observe a different statistics, and it seems that everything depends on these last weeks. The desire to win the race makes the candidates promise and guarantee the positive changes not only to the US citizens but the entire world. Indeed, the presidential election in the United States is a number one event for many governments, since it will most likely determine the vector of the US politics for the following years and it may be significantly different from the present one.

The programs of the candidates are quite similar. They both try to appeal to black voters, talking about racism, poverty, violence, and corruption. However, it should be noted that some of Trump`s statements are quite controversial and, according to some experts, becoming the President, he can drastically change the situation in the world political arena. Undoubtedly, the US security depends on its foreign policy. Consequently, some of Donald Trump`s statements undermine the good relationships of the USA with other countries. Moreover, Trump`s seems unconcerned about the Russian aggression in the world, presumably even supports it, and this tactic totally opposes the current US policy.

Just as a great part of the nation, I hope to learn more about the strategies and tactics of the candidates in the nearest future. Like many US citizens, I follow the major events of this race trying to understand the key priorities for both candidates. The closer to the Election Day, the more debates exist around the figures of Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Factually, either politician has gained quite a bad reputation, and many citizens do not support any of them. It seems that these elections will become the example of the political event in which voters will have to choose between two evils.

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Without any doubts, the citizens cannot know about all the plans of the powers that they will be implementing. However, it is clear, that every conscious citizen should come and give his vote not for a person, but for his or her plan of actions that will help the US nation to grow and develop successfully. It is common truth that the following weeks will be the most difficult ones not only in the race for the US Presidency but in the careers of Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump as well. They should be ready for the major scandals and gossips. As for me, I am sure that a real President of the United States should face every challenge with dignity and confidence.

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