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Every PR campaign requires special attention from the manager who should ensure that the target audience receives a message from the appropriate communication channels. Today, there is a myriad of traditional and modern communication channels in the marketing campaigns. In fact, every channel should correspond to the target audience and convey the message vividly. A complex approach towards messaging the target audience is the key to successful implementation of the campaign, regardless of its purpose. The analysis focuses on the effective communication channels that could be useful in the campaign of Soccer for Hope, a non-profit charity organization that helps children suffering from incurable diseases.

Traditional Communication Channels

To make a careful choice of the communication channels is crucial to the success of any campaign. Thus, the first communication channel selected for the charity campaign of Soccer for Hope is television. It is the primary channel, which combines motion, sight, and sound attributes. The target audience of the charity campaign is broad and consists of every interested individual, regardless of age, gender, race, income level, or religious preferences (Sayedi et al., 2014). Despite the technological development, television remains one of the most widely used home appliances for entertainment. It means that the chances that the message about the campaign will reach the significant percentage of the target audience are extremely high. The selected TV channels include Discovery Family and FamilyNet. These channels are family friendly. They can reach parents willing to help other children in combating incurable diseases. The address of the Discovery Family channel is 850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022-7225. FamilyNet’s official website also has contacts related to advertising. Rick Patton, executive VP, can help to schedule an appointment via [email protected].

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Newspapers represent another crucial communication channel, which addresses people of all income levels. In particular, it is possible to include such newspapers as Florida Today and The Citizen. Both newspapers will help to engage the target audience from East and West Coasts and monitor the responsiveness of two different locations. Florida Today’s contact number is (321) 242-3765. There is a special form available on the official website of the newspaper. The Citizen’s contact information is (315) 282-2213 and [email protected]. The newspapers in the PR campaign will help to spend less and advertise rationally and effectively due to the relatively low cost of the communication channel (Sayedi et al., 2014). It might be the most effective communication channel contributing to the increase of social awareness on the charity campaign held by Soccer for Hope. Finally, the main benefit is the accessibility of newspapers, which have regular update of information and attract the attention of every reader as soon as the new issue is printed.

Radio is another communication channel, which Soccer for Hope should consider in the informational support of its campaign. The main advantages of radio are its close cooperation with local business and a daily news broadcast. For example, Soccer for Hope can make an appointment with WHTZ FM and KAMP FM. They could air a short radio program about a charity campaign that aims to save lives of children suffering from incurable diseases. WHTZ FM welcomes everyone with advertising purpose to contact Deborah Beagan via email [email protected]. KAMP FM can be reached by contacting Jennifer Tobar at (323) 930-5280 or email [email protected]. Regardless of the limited time for the informational distribution, radio remains one of the most widespread and efficient ways to share information about campaign.

New Communication Channels

The digital era is changing the world at a fast pace making new technologies surprising and useful at the same time. Social media is one of the most common communication channels used by the entrepreneurs and various organizations to spread information about their projects, products, and campaigns (Gernsbacher, 2014). The number of social networks offers different social platforms, which can help to reach the target audience. However, the most effective platforms include Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. These networks meet the needs of their users by providing textual and visual information, which makes any advertisement catchy and impressive. Twitter is a commonly used blog-based social network that unites millions of people all over the world in an online community. It connects people of different social groups, including business leaders, celebrities, legendary sports stars, and common people willing to follow the latest news (Gernsbacher, 2014). Moreover, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV channels also have Twitter accounts nowadays. It makes this social platform highly beneficial for spreading information about charity campaign of Soccer for Hope. In addition, ‘retweet’ button will encourage others to talk about the campaign and engage as many people as possible. As a result, Twitter is an optimal social network combining all means of communication in a single Internet community. Instagram is similar to Twitter according to the principles of informational exchange. However, catchy images shared by its users are more effective than text messages. Instagram can increase visual perception of the campaign. Finally, YouTube will increase the effect of the campaign with a link to the video describing its purpose. By using YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram as the channels of an effective advertising campaign, it will be possible to generate the highest rates of the involvement of the target audience.

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Blogging is another new communication mean, which is widely used by the Internet users. Annual blog awards turn the world’s attention to the most effective, impressive, and useful blogs. According to this fact, Soccer for Hope may ask famous bloggers to share information about the campaign. Another alternative is to create a blog dedicated not only to the campaign but also to the organization activities in general. This step will help the organization to engage in the online-based ways of sharing information. As a result, it will be possible to intensify the effect of the campaign due to the active integration of the organization in the Internet social media. Thanks to the inclusion of new communication channels, it will be possible to reach the highest results in informational coverage (Gernsbacher, 2014). Since the target audience is broad, the selected social networks will bring the public attention to the organizations inspiring to contribute to the development of charity.


The overview of traditional and new communication channels helps to evaluate the contemporary development of media in general. Regardless of the fact that the world is changing in digital at a rapid pace, people continue to use traditional communication channels, including television, radio, and newspapers. Thus, the organizations that want to promote their campaigns should take into considerations both traditional and modern means of communication. For example, Soccer for Hope is a non-profit organization that follows a highly respected goal of helping children to combat various diseases and have interesting lives. Thus, the discussed communication channels should be useful in turning the attention of the public to the problem of incurable diseases. As a result, it will become possible to reduce social indifference and carelessness when different types of media agree to focus on charity, kindness, and mutual support. Soccer for Hope should gain more support from the society by the means of the selected communication channels, which will raise social awareness on the charity campaign started by the organization.

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