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BusinessDictionary.com defines sales analysis as: “a determination of the extent to which a sales force has met its sales objectives within the specified timeframe.” This means that an analysis is carried out to find out whether the sales made have met the set targets or objectives laid out. It also shows how far the objectives have been surpassed or the gap remaining. On the other hand, Rouse (2010) defines profit analysis as: “a component of enterprise resource planning (ERP) that allows administrators to forecast the profitability of a proposal or optimize the profitability of an existing project.” By this, she means that profitability analysis can be used to anticipate profit that will be realized from future sales in relation to a specific market like geographic location, type of product used, or according to age groups. It is used to recognize least and most profitable customers, least and most profitable products, rectify the cause of reduction in profits, and change their product to maximize profits among other uses.

Advertising control is necessary to protect consumers from being misled by businesses out for profits. If consumers get misled by adverts, they will refrain from buying again. Bad advertising gradually undermines consumer confidence and it is the advertising industry that will suffer (Easa, n.d). The advertising industry hence has legal guidelines for advertisements. For example while advertising drugs, there are strict guidelines on what drug advertisements must say, and what they can say. This is imposed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The media also conduct self regulation; they do not accept advertisements with claims that are not provable. (AdExchanger, 2012) The media also control advertisements, because they have a responsibility to the society. For example, they do not advertise alcohol and cigarettes on programs that have more than 30% viewers who are underage.

Customer satisfaction control deals with measuring the satisfaction of the customers served (HM Government). Dawidow and Uttal (1990) are of the opinion that satisfaaction, or lack of it is the difference between how customers expect to be treated and how they perceive being treated.

As a health care administrator, one should hence base customer satisfaction control on customer treatment. I would then use Reisberg (1996) three step strategy. All the employees should attend a seminar or training on customer treatment.  They would be taught Reisberg’s three steps strategy that includes: step one: getting off to a good start. This is achieved by a cordial welcome, eye contact during conversations with customers, improving personal appearance as well as the working place, telephone technique, saying please, thank you and a basic smile. The second step calls for listening to the customers with more than the ears, reaching out to them and anticipating their needs. The third step is to encourage feedback whether negative or positive, explaining to customers how things work, reassuring their decision to come to the facility, over delivering, making customers feel special and exceeding customers’ expectations. (Reisberg, 1996)

Buy custom Profitability essay


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