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It has already become a general truth that employees’ engagement and their performance are two interrelated factors which influence the efficiency of the company. Thus, employers try hard to make their employees more engaged in the working process. The Towers Watson 2012 Global Workforce Study proved that current situation in business demands a new approach to employees’ engagement, which is called “sustainable engagement” (Schwartz, 2012).

“Sustainable engagement” provides for enhancing physical, emotional and social well-being of the workers, in such a way creating favorable work environment which will inspire the employees to make considerable achievements in future. Having analyzed 50 global companies, Tower Watson proved that companies where the engagement score was law had an operating profit margin under 10 percent. The results of the companies with high traditional engagement demonstrated 14 percent margin. Finally, the companies which showed the highest “sustainable engagement” had an operating profit margin of 27 percent (Schwartz, 2012). The results of the survey show that the real challenge for modern companies is to move from their traditional principles based on getting more out of their employees to improving work environment and meeting employees’ needs. Under such conditions people will be more eager to work flat out.

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However, there are also such a part of staff which undermines the operating capacity of the group. A leading international survey research and consulting firm called the Gallup Organization defines these people as actively disengaged employees. Actively disengaged employees are the people who are not just dissatisfied with their job, but those who also have an influence on their motivated co-workers and diminish their accomplishments at work. Due to the statistics, disengaged employees comprise the majority (approximately 54%) of labor force. Gallup estimates the percentage of actively disengaged workers at 17% – 22.5 million workers in the USA. Moreover, these employees make the businesses sustain losses of $300 billion annually. In spite of this fact, many companies are still unaware of the amount of productivity losses caused by disengagement (Ryan, 2004).

First of all, these are the managers who should be blamed for such a big number of disengaged workers. A lot of HR specialists and executives promote dysfunctional organizational culture and often ignore their own failures. Therefore, it is essential for the company guidance to be aware of possible consequences which bad management may lead to. All in all, the focal point of efficiency at a workplace lies in the willingness of individuals, managers and leaders, while each of them takes the responsibility for the role he/she plays. With the help of employees and employers’ desire engagement and by means of their mutual efforts, the company will succeed in achieving its goals.

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