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On the first years of January, the bank has a balance of £10000 that contributed to 90% efficiency making no loss or profit. Arguably, the initial first aspect regarded the operation department as well as deal with PC store as a main supplier. On the other hand, the market facilitated the establishment of product cost that attracted £464 as a result of the pricing range in the corporation between £710 and 750. The modification of the design gained an efficient cost of product realized through resource allocation as 57% for quality cost£91, 80% for performance cost £128, 89% for features cost £140 and 33% for the style at cost of £49, totaling £406. Additionally, the marketing and research department, the target segment was the corporation that carried a research for 95 hours. Nonetheless, the finance department, research granted application that saw an amount of £500 and training grant of £500.

On February 13, as a result of price unit sold by Ping Computers was £711, and the marketing strategy obtained information that had an influence on the decision to alter the selling point as well as the allocation of the resources of high quality. As such, it changed the pricing thus the unit price is £715 with a variable cost per unit of £ 406 and gross profit of £309. The promotions were successful in the endorsement of products through papers as well as building premium websites. Additionally, the initiated training courses were proficient in augmenting the productivity as well as sales and marketing.

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The alteration of the prices by the operation department saw the changing of quality 90%, performance 75%, feature 77% and the style 70, therefore, influencing the component cost to rise to £476. The alterations initiated to augment the sales thus redesigning of the product naming it Mars. As a result, at the end of the, month of February the total asset reached £1048 and current liabilities of £40. The premium website altered by the sale and marketing department. Thus, the modification in the purchasing strategy had to change supplier to source line in order to gain profits as the unit is lower in comparison to the previous supplier.

At the end of 2014’s last quarter, the business has already acquired a net profit margin of £ 13571. Nonetheless, the augment in staff, new car acquisition and office items as well as advertising has required the business application for a loan to cover the expenses from the 1st and 3rd quarter of the year.

The third year of the company saw large financial deficits that saw the chain of unsuccessful events in the previous year. With the low income, the company would struggle to grow. As such, the company relied on themselves in comparison of using the professionals, at times making all production themselves. The employee efficiency level remained consistent.

One of the most essential highlight that happened in the renaissance in running the 3rd business year recovered from the dramatic ongoing decline. This was as a result of insufficient cash flowing in carried forward from the unsuccessful enquiries as well as not making enough orders.

After the spending cuts across all the business departments in January, followed after running one month the bank had -£34,385 after the company ran one month into the starting of the year. The difference was at £65,232. As such, the company continued the pattern so as to receive more money in comparison to flow out of business. The receding customer in the month of February exhibited a change to product in the launching of new product design that sells. So customers receive better quality comparable to a greater cost on the company. The bank account in March showed an an£22,694 and profits of -£2,580 that showed a steady improvement to the bank account. Arguably the new product brought in more enquiries and sales. As such, the bank took more actions by taking an action that were quicker. The customers paid less than within 2-3 months time. Nonetheless, in April showed a rapid fall with -£60,849 in the account. As a result of the low amount in the bank account, the company had to lower their selling price to £720 that shifted from 1000 square meters to 700 square meters that pay less for land rent. Consequently, the bank had -£52,698 in the bank account. This resulted to a lowered gain that centered in persuading the customers to purchase. All the production as well as, the produced products at home realized a cut cost. This was the only temperamental till the company received increased income. Therefore, the employees had an increased work stress levels may augment as much as the company can realize. As a result, there was a probability that the company would realize an increase by £1500. As the month of October approached, the bank account had broken through the long and sustained period of negative figured with £11,280.

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The realization of the increase of £63,978 that realized within the activities of the month, of the company. Additionally, the company dipped again -£18,543 so the selling price and augmented. Nonetheless in November the company bank account recovered £5,360 and -£1,036 of profits. As the customers found the price to be highly satisfying, it permitted the company to augment their selling price so as to receive more profits now orders made at a more stable rate. As a result, the company built all the products at home so as tom cut external production costs.

The month of April saw train staff in research, sales, marketing as well as production to gain an augment in efficiency, as well as, support of the sales. The company selected a distribute that had to sell the product to many customers, the company employed RAD as it offered 30 % services.

In May, the company embarked on developing promotion by the advertisement selection realized through television adverts as well as radio adverts.

In June, the marketing strategy assessed the promotional marketing that included marketing, as well as exhibition. The organized selling saw utilization of 100 hours that increased the sales.

In July, the organization department realized the certainty that had to become the business owner as well as to work fulltime for 409 hours. As such, the realization of the profits was essential for the development of the company.

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In august, there happened recruitment of the staffs in charge of sales and promotion. As such, the supplier changed to Mega Parts since it offered a low price where the total inquiries reached 25 units.

In October, there was an application for a loan that amounted to a total of £10000. As such, this saw the shifting to a retail unit since it offered a good exposure that was in support of the company in the sales promotion.

At the beginning of the third year failed to match the requirements of the company’s targeted customers. The change in supply decreased and kept the low cost production selecting the supplier that would offer the best discount on the closest match of the expected orders. After making the spending cuts across all business departments in January, the next month of February. As such, the company had to continue the pattern so as to receive money in rather than flowing out of business.

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