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The research has shown that many organizations continue to succeed on the international scene because of various reasons. International business standards require that a company should have a major business strategy that it relies upon and at the same time utilize different strategies when it comes to succeeding in the market (Morgan, 2010). This report contains the evaluation of international company and business operations it is involved in. In addition to that, the report looks at the strategies that the company has managed to apply over the years.

The main purpose of this report is to evaluate the Sorouh Real Estate Company. This will be done regarding the market strategy that the company employs and at the same time its international business operation strategies. The company is located in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. The country and market analysis will be undertaken when it comes to presenting the findings of this report.

The report established various issues regarding Sorouh Real Estate and its operations. The report also highlights market strategies that the company is involved in and at the same time the manner in which its systems are structured. It was also discovered that the company continues to apply a unique staffing strategy that is geared towards making sure that the organization succeeds in doing its business. The report also noted that there are different international business operations that the organization has managed to put in place as a means of ensuring that it succeeds in its business model.

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Company Background

Overview of the Company

Sorouh Real Estate is the largest real estate development company based in Abu Dhabi, the UAE. It is estimated that the company has a net worth of about $19 billion. In June 2013, it was listed as one of the best real estate development companies in the world. The management of the company believes in different important policies that trigger the success of the company. In addition to that, the company has a strong focus on the market and the manner in which its strategies performed to succeed from time to time. Strategic partnership is another important strategy that the company continues to employ when it comes to making sure that the systems in place lead to its success. Many organizations in the same industry have continued to experience stiff competition that comes from the kind of activities that the company is involved in on the national scene and internationally.

Current Products, Services & Market

Master development is the main focus of this company, and success of the trend can be attributed to the fact that there has been a rise in the demand for such products over the years. Master development projects in the larger UAE can be attributed to the kind of projects that were initiated by the company and at the same time the manner in which it continues to increase its performance (Pechman, 2015). In addition to that, the company has been involved in the community development projects. Affordable housing for residents of the UAE is also another major area that the company has ventured in, and this is due to the manner in which its systems are structured. The market is unique because customers of the company range from the low class to the high-class members of society.

Country & Market Analysis

The United Arab Emirates is a country that provides the positive environment to businesses in different ways. Internal and external factors continue to affect the manner in which businesses operate and the strategies that they employ. Various factors that indicate this are the following.

External Factors

UAE is a stable country politically, and the Sorouh Real Estate Company continues to experience different important benefits from this particular stability. In addition to that, the free market system that is adopted by the government has continued to favor the company when it comes to matters of innovations and systems structure. Issues of corruption have also been handled properly over the time, thus stabilizing the market.


Competition is stiff, and this directly affects how business is undertaken. This is evident through the way customers respond to new markets that are introduced by the company and the kind of challenges that they deal with. The availability of products and services in the market also indicate that there is a unique way of doing business, and the competition being experienced leads to better products in the market. The value of the existing competitors cannot match the kind of market position and competitive advantage that the company continues to experience from time to time.

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Industry and Business Factors

The analysis of the country reveals that the Sorouh Real Estate Company has continued to experience different trade barriers over the years, especially when it comes to the tax laws and compliance. They include regulations that have been put in place and the way systems are structured in the country. There is also the steady supply of labor into the market, especially when it comes to the construction and the way people work to serve the process. The organization has continued to work hard in ensuring that its core competencies, which include innovative technology, have produced better results. The company has been involved in the process of expansion which aims at making sure that the organization is successful regarding how things are structured. There is a little level of centralization that the company continues to register, especially regarding how systems are controlled and the outcome of the whole process. Transport costs have also been reduced since the company is able to acquire assets that it uses to make sure that it succeeds in the market.

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Each of these factors is important to the operations of the company, and this is due to the approaches that have been adopted over the time. The country presents very suitable opportunities for the company as far as the above factors are concerned and the way information is shared. The approach has also showed that the organization continues to exploit all these opportunities as means of making sure that everything is done in the right manner. It can also be noted from the market structure, the state of the economy and levels of inflation that had both positive and negative impacts on the business.

Marketing Mix and Staffing Policy

The marketing mix is very important when it comes to making sure that proper channels and strategies are used when executing a strategy in any business. This is an important model because it shapes businesses performance.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix for the Sorouh Company will include the following:

  1. Price

The price of houses that are sold by the company will have to be based on the social class and the location of those houses. The target audience of the company ranges from the low class to the high class.

  1. Product

Master development houses will be for the commercial purposes while community development houses will be for the residential purposes.

  1. Promotion

Promotion strategies that will be employed by the company include advertising and making sure that the information about the company has been exposed to potential customers.

  1. Place

The international market is the best place where organizations can be able to sell their products. The focus of the organization will be on how it can expand its produces and at the same time make sure that it has increased its product presence around the world. International markets form an important part of the discussion.

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HRM Staffing Policies

The human resource department of the company has been involved in the process of making sure that everything is done in the right way. This includes the manner in which hiring is conducted and the systems that they employ when it comes to making sure that the systems support the market. Employees have to meet certain minimum standards while being hired.

Market Entry Strategy

Potential Suitability

One of the advantages of the entry modes that are employed by this company include the ease of entry into the industry. On the other hand, the organization entry mode faces stiff challenges when it comes to meeting the demands of the market and systems structure.

Best Entry Mode

The best entry mode for the company will be to make sure that the import/export and transnational models have been applied. This is because of the lack of uniformity of competition that has been witnessed in the industry over the time (Tishchenko & Kurilov, 2007). This is also a better strategy for the company because of the manner it is enhanced regarding market analysis. A successful organization is one that faces competition in the market and at the same time continues to form strategies that lead to better results in the process of doing business. The Sorouh Real Estate Limited is likely to succeed if the model is employed.

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Strategy for International Business Operations

The transnational approach is the best strategy that the company can apply when it comes to making entry into the international market. To compete internationally, the company should make sure that everything is done in the right manner and at the same time create a competitive advantage for the company. The organization can choose to compete with organizations in the region to make sure that the industry develops in the stated region.

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