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Every day more and more teenagers become the victims of bullying. Usually the target group is school children, who can be emotionally humiliated or overwhelmed by their peers. Consequently, it represents the power disparity (American Humane Association, 2011). In order to better understand the types, consequences, differences and similarities between today’s and prior cases of bullying as well as analyze strategies and ways to cease bullying, it is reasonable to analyze Amanda Todd’s story.

Amanda Todd had committed suicide on the grounds of child cruelty. She exhibited her breasts to the boy, while she was talking to the strangers via webcam. One year later, the boy started to intimidate Amanda in order to get from her a naked show. On a Christmas break, she realized that everybody had access to her naked photos. As a consequence, she lost appreciation, and her friends stopped talking to her. Furthermore, they were bullying Amanda. Thus, she had changed many schools, yet her past was following her everywhere. Consequently, Amanda Todd could not bear this anymore; she left this world, leaving after herself a short video with her story (ChiaVideos, 2011).

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It is important to note the two types of bullying to which Amanda Todd was exposed, namely verbal and emotional. The first one appears when people use all kinds of words to make the person depressed and sad (Types of Bullying, 2013). In Amanda’s situation, her friends wished her death. However, emotional bullying had a bigger impact on Amanda. In such a way, people spread rumors and make statements that kill a person from the inside (Types of Bullying, 2013). The consequences were unpleasant as Amanda had lost her friends, people’s respect and the most important aspect, which is her life. The young girl was trying to find understanding and condolence from somebody. Hereby, she had moved to another city, switched friends, and tried to start a new life. Surprisingly, even in such hard times, she believed in love, but the boy betrayed her. As a result, she drank the bleach in order to kill herself (ChiaVideos, 2011). However, there were ways to avoid this tragedy. Thus, adults that surrounded Amanda should have talked to her and helped to fight this problem. In fact, adults always have an impact on children. For this reason, they should have punished children that were bullying Amanda Todd.

At the same time, if to compare today’s bullying cases and those ten years ago, there were some similarities and differences. Among similarities one can name the case when one person wants to humiliate another simply to show the authority. In addition, there are many situations when a child has a disorder or disability, and people keep pointing at their shortcomings. However, it is important to note that nowadays there are some specific bullying cases. Apparently, being a teenager means changing the appearance, tastes, trying something new. Thus, some young people have pink hair, and others prefer wearing dark clothes. Usually children do not respect people that are not similar to others; thus, it triggers cases of bullying.

Evidently, bullying behavior can be determined in some ways. First, some children want to become a part of the group and get attention (“Facts about Bullying,” n.d.). As a consequence, they feel more confident and powerful when bullying others. Thus, they are looking for a weak person that can be easily humbled. Second, some children are not like their contemporaries, namely some of them have disabilities, and others have a different appearance. Therefore, they are more likely to become a victim of bullying. Undoubtedly, many bullying cases are happening at school. Hereby, there should be a special plan to prevent it. First, it is important to establish “school-wide rules and a bullying reporting system” (“Prevention at School,” n.d.). Rules and the system will create a safe environment for children. Second, “bullying prevention material should be included into the curriculum and school activities” (“Prevention at School,” n.d.). Such method will help children understand subconsciously that bullying is unacceptable. Third, parents should be also engaged in the prevention of their child bullying (Safe Schools Coalition, n.d.). In fact, adults are the example of proper behavior for their children. Correspondingly, communication is a significant part when trying to come to an understanding with children. Moreover, it is important to support and love them. As a result, these prevention methods will help to avoid depression in children.

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To conclude, bullying remains a growing problem. The most awful kind of bullying is emotional. Thus, children cannot control their thoughts, which usually results in bad consequences. It is substantial to know the ways how to prevent and fight such aggressive behavior. In fact, the most important people that are an example for children are their parents. Therefore, only a well-mannered family can help to prevent a child from being a bully.

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