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Worldwide, people ask approximately the same questions whether there is God and whether the Bible is true. However, there are people who do not believe in God or, being at extreme, say that they do not believe in His existence.

One of the myths that have influenced thinking of people of the modern world, is  the idea that science has made belief in God and in supernatural unnecessary for thinking person. It is very widespread and false myth that, unfortunately, is identified with a true science in representation of many people.

The Bible and Life Origin

At that time when there are many contradictions between interpretation of the Bible and scientific theories, any collision between certain God’s Will and the proved scientific facts cannot be invisible. The paper considers some of Divine the revelations concerning life origin.

God Has Established a Place

Before placing live creatures in this world, God had prepared heavens and the earth for a life. In Ps. 146:8 one reads instructions that God had prepared water for a vegetative life, and in Ps. 73, it is told that God “created the stars and the sun … has founded summer and winter.@ Biologists are amazed by how conditions on the earth “are precisely respective” for life.

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The physiologists say that chemical properties of carbon and nitrogen correspond to some elements of plants and animals organisms. They specify that ordinary water has set of surprising chemical properties that make living on the earth possible. Physical and chemical properties of dioxide of carbon also perfectly satisfy the needs of live creatures.

The former president of New York Academy of Sciences, Dr. A. Cressey Morrison, asserts that if the earth rotated about the axis with speed of 100 miles per hour instead of usual 1000 miles, «our days and nights would be ten times longer than the present. The hot summer sun would burn vegetation within each long day, and everything newly grown would be killed by a night cold.

The Way of Creation

People have two sources of data for studying of the Divine creation of a life: the first one is the Bible, which is direct revelation from God, and the second one – natural proofs, which are systematized by a science. In the message of Apostle Paul to Romans (1:20), it is told that: “He’s invisible, His eternal force and the Deity, from world creation through examining of creations are visible”.

The Sight Creative

The Bible, which is a true and reliable source of data for many people, does not state precisely in what exactly God created life but gives some important points from the general process of creation.

1.       The Bible definitely says in Life 1 that God created the earth in six certain “days” or time units.

2.       He created different live beings “by the nature of them” but did not make all creatures of one “sort” and created different childbirth of plants and animals. In addition, He created them originally, as separate types (the Life. 1:20-27). The number of types of live beings, including the person, has been created in the beginning, and they remain genuine in all centuries. Though mutations of each “sort” are possible, there cannot be a transmutation between “sorts”.

3.      Person represents a separate “sort” that was created by God directly from ashes terrestrial and on an image of God. (Genesis. 1:26-27; 2:21-25).

The Natural Law in Comparison with a Miracle

There is much confusion while reasoning life origin, and this confusion follows from refusal of many scientists to see that God can work wonders. God shows that He can operate at least in two different ways: by law of the nature and miracle. The science studies the Divine natural laws. Unknown laws of the nature are gradually being open, as for example, laws of an atomic energy, mutual relation of time-space, etc.

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Though presently God uses mainly nature laws, life is not limited by these laws of the nature. God operates irrespective of the laws of the nature, and such unexpected actions are named “miracles”. The Christ created enough bread for everyone, transformed water into wine, and healed sick people instantly. Operating through prophets of the Old Testament, God sent fire from the sky, recovered the child, increased oil flowing from a vessel. The greatest miracle in the Bible is Jesus Christ life – His birth from the Maiden, perfect life, and revival from dead. Any of these mentioned events cannot be completely explained by the law of the nature.

The Sight Evolutionary

“Evolution” usually is understood as idea that all creatures have occurred from one or only several initial forms of a life. Evolution is a process during which live creatures breed more developed, and eventually, there are more difficult and more reasonable beings that are absolutely distinct from the ancestors.

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The idea of evolution has the roots in early Greek philosophy but was standard till nineteenth century, when it has been protected by Charles Darwin. In his monumental work Origin of Species, he made some the basic conclusions (some of which are abandoned even by evolutionists though):

1.     Variations lead to the fact that some descendants become more perfect than the parents.

2.     Struggle for existence eliminates weak, less suitable kinds.

3.     Process of natural selection operates all times, and thanks to it, only the most suitable species survive.

4.     Thanks to heredity, new and better qualities appear within some change of a kind. These features are transferred and gradually kept by posterity.

5.     In such a way, there are new kinds after the lapse of sufficient time.

This theory has been accepted with amazing speed and hasty applied to all sciences, from sociology to astronomy. Some preachers have even started to teach that the belief in God “evolved” from ancient polytheism and reached beliefs in uniform loving God of Christianity.

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Though this theory has been considerably modified after Darwin, it is widely accepted by biologists. However, the advanced scientists question the evolution theory, adhering exclusively scientific reasons. Many years of searches worldwide have not given even a trace for so-called “missing links” between different kinds, and especially between the person and a monkey. Scientists from different areas of research state doubts concerning the parts of evolutional theory of the evolution, especially those parts where these scientists are authorities. It does not mean that they reject evolution completely, but their doubts are addition to big question mark.

The late Dr. Goldsmith (well-known genetic) has told: “It is good to have in mind that nobody managed to make new kinds, not to mention the highest categories, selection of micro-mutations”.

It is possible to continue the list of statements of other scientists, philosophers, and historians who specified the discrepancies of different parts of the theory of evolution. However, despite the fact this theory lack the final proof, it still holds minds of people under hypnosis though many of them express doubts concerning this or that part of this theory. As a whole, however, they still cling to this theory.

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However, Christians are not afraid of that theory, because besides the theory of creation of the world God, they find proofs in natural sciences as well.

Creation of the Person

The Creative Sight

In Life 2:7, God says that He created the person from ashes terrestrial. God meant to tell only it. If God meant to tell that the person has developed from primacies, the book Life would be written somewhat differently.

In the primitive condition, when first people looked after plants and animals in a Garden of Eden, they had full dialogue good luck (Genesis 1-2). The sin and death became destiny of the person for disobedience of a precept of God (Genesis 3). Loss of direct dialogue good luck was a part of “death”, as it was comprehended by a person at that time. The Bible says that people can be released from a sin and come back in dialogue good luck through belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ acceptance, Son of God, who came on the earth to release people with His death and revival (In. 3:16).

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The Evolutionary Sight

The evolution theory teaches that the person developed from a primitive condition before acquiring modern appearance and mind. However, the Bible states that the person was created with the modern appearance right at the beginning but fell and degenerated because of a sin. Thus, now the person needs expiation and returning to God.

In the Bible, there is no date of creation of the person, but only mentioning the descendants, Adam and Eve. Some Bible scientists produce the evidence that at transfer of families, God induced writing to include only the most outstanding persons and that the whole generations are passed. It does not mean that the Bible is not exact but simply specifies that God kept names of outstanding persons instead of the calendar and the creation schedule.

Argument in Favor of Creation

First of all, human body should be considered. Human body has very difficult organization and is very weighty proof of designing and creation.

Human body consists of approximately 22 kgs of oxygen, 56 grams of salt, 47 liters of water, 1 kg and 360 grams of calcium, 11 kilograms of carbon, and a quantity of chlorine, phosphorus, fat, iron, sulfur, and glycerin.

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1. Bones. In a human body, there are 206 bones. Each bone is hollow inside and made as duly engineering art. Each bone is arranged in a way that suits a minimum of a fortress for human body functioning, without distinction of its size, form, and sites. Bones, together with their cartilages and sheaves, are a support for soft parts of a body, protection for the most important vital bodies, and fastening for muscles. They are capable of making a marrow and spending blood vessels in which metabolism processes occur.

2. Blood. Each cubic millimeter of blood contains about five millions red balls and from five to ten thousand white balls. The body of the person is capable of making two million or more than red blood balls every second to the place of damaged ones during blood circulation.

System of blood vessels of the person equals to about 160 thousand km.. It is capable of supervise pressure of all system and so precise counterbalance that the thought can operate it. Blood proceeds through all system of blood circulation approximately in twenty six seconds.

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3. Heart. It banishes blood through all body.  Under normal conditions, it makes about seventy two blows in a minute, and at special pressure, it can make two hundred blows in a minute. Every minute it pushes from 4.730 to 5.676 blood liters through blood vessels of all human body.

4. Kidneys. They exist in human body for preservation of an exact quantity of water in blood and maintenance of exact balance of minerals. Every day, kidneys clear more than one ton of blood garbage.

5. A liver. It is capable of accepting every second millions of dead blood balls, breaking them, and keeping such components as iron for the further use at construction of new blood balls.

In a human body, there is a stomach and the digestive system, which are capable of transforming proteins of animals into human proteins and changing vegetative fats and sugar in absolutely other fats and sugar. There are also such highly important parts of human body as hands, feet, eyes, muscles, and so on.

The human body is a miracle of designing, and it is strong argument for the proof of creation and the eloquent certificate of the fact that people are created by omnipotent and all-powerful God.


From all considered above, it is clear that the science comes to understanding that natural environment that surrounds people and people themselves were created by the great Creator.

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