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Issues in a Suit for Damages by Carrie against Paul

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Carrie is justified to go to court and file a legal suit against Paul on the following grounds. Firstly, Carrie can sue Paul for breaching a business agreement that they made on 15th May. The two had agreed that Carrie would deliver Paul Cake and Pies during his party at $1500. However, Carrie informed Paul that she incurred extra cost in the process, but Paul never responded, instead, Paul went ahead to make an order with the Cake and Things Inc to deliver the cakes to his party. Secondly, Carrie can also sue Paul for the financial to compensate her for the financial damages she incurred when she bought the baking ingredients. Carrie can strengthen her case by adding that the whole process was a waste of her time, energy and resources and that Paul deserves to compensate her. On the other hand, Paul can defend himself by saying that, Carrie raised the price from the initial agreement, an idea that he was not comfortable with, therefore, he chose another person. Carrie can dispute this by saying that Paul could still manage to pay for the extra cost since he ordered party harts and favors from his new partner, costing extra $ 900 as compared to her extra $ 600. However, Paul can still insist since it is his own money and as well as his own party, he is justified to choose whoever he wishes to deliver him what he asks. Carrie can refute this by asking Paul why he did not cancel the deal in good time, because she informed him early enough of the extra cost.

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Issues in a suit for damages by Paul against Cakes and Things, Inc.

Paul can go to court and sue Cake and Things Inc for not delivering the party harts and favors as earlier agreed. The Cake and Things Inc, can defend themselves for not delivering the party harts and favor by saying that, it is not their fault, instead, they only discovered the previous night that there was a strike at the supply plant where the party hats and favors were produced. They can also counter Paul’s claims by saying that he breached a business contract that both parties signed in an invoice. The cakes were ready and Paul is supposed to accept them because he ordered the, he is not justified to reject the cakes and pies just because the party harts and favors are not ready. This is because the contract had not specified that Paul would only accept the cakes and pies only if only it came together with the party harts and favors.

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