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A man who changed lives of millions, a great inventor and a CEO of Apple Corporation, Steve Jobs, is probably one of the most well-known men for his technological inventions that have changed the whole computer industry. Even after his death in 2011 Steve Jobs still stays as one of the most discussed and famous person nowadays. However, one should not forget that despite his inventions in the technological sphere, Steve Job is also famous for the influence he made on media and on journalism. So, what is this impact that Steve Jobs has made?

During his whole life Steve Jobs was making a revolution after revolution in computer technologies. He was the one who presented to people devices that help its consumers to communicate with each other, to stay in touch with each other despite any distance; devices that also can entertain or even teach people. Steve Jobs changed the whole image of just simple computer device; the changes he made are even felt in music and in movies. All these iPads and iPods, laptops and iPhones one used to love and cannot live without nowadays, exist because of Steve Jobs and the work he did. (Knafo, Bosker, HuffPost, 2011) In some articles it is even stated that by changing the way we interact through devices with each other, with offering all these new better technology, Steve Jobs changed the world. During his commencement in Stanford University Jobs said “…you cannot connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future” (Jobs, June 14, 2005). Steve Jobs was right, because even after his death, people still trust the quality of Apple devices and still use them worldwide. He did manage to connect himself to the future and, moreover, made everyone look back at Jobs’ past and see this huge impact he made on worldwide culture and the development of technology. As many people state, it is always better to know someone from the speeches, words one says. (Rolling Stone, 2011)

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This fact can be undoubtedly applied to such person as Steve Jobs. This man always knew what he wanted and, moreover, he always gained through hard work the things he wanted to accomplish. His speech at this commencement perfectly showed everyone, described what kind of man Steve Jobs was from his childhood. He shared three stories from his life during this commencement. He made everyone see the world of technology from his point of view as something alive, something so close to his heart. Steve Jobs told people the story when he was fired from Apple Corporation, even though he had started the company, and how heartbreaking this moment was for him. To cite Jobs’ words from speech: “I really did not know what to do for a few months. I felt that I had let the previous generation of entrepreneurs down – that I had dropped the baton as it was being passed to me…I had been rejected, but I was still in love” (Jobs, June 14, 2005). However, it did not mean the ending in his career. Otherwise, as he would say later, the moment Jobs was fired from Apple appeared like a new start, a new chance for him.

During this time when he was out of Apple’s things, Steve Jobs bought Pixar Studios. Moreover, even here he managed to make an innovation – computer-generated animation. All these cartoons children like so much nowadays, including Cars, Finding Nemo; all of these animated pictures were “children” of Pixar Studios and Steve Jobs. Alongside his influence on computer technology and animated pictures, Steve Jobs also left his impact on publishing and journalism. Almost every famous publishing house nowadays is strongly connected with the use of devices produced precisely by Apple Corporation. Moreover, most of these publishing houses, most of the famous newspapers and magazines have their own iPhone applications today. (The Guardian, 2012) However, Steve Jobs made his influences on journalism not only with the help of devices he produced, but also directly meeting with publishers or famous journalists. For instance, once Steve Jobs met with the executive of such famous magazine as New York Times, and the other time he surprised the executive of Time Magazine. He made a speech and presentation of his new iPad in New York Times; he accompanied Rupert Murdoch on presenting The Daily. With publishers of different famous and not so famous publishing houses Steve Jobs was discussing the launching of this or that application, he even gave advice whether the application of this magazine was presented in a good or in a bad way. He used to even criticize the iPad application that New York Times once wanted to launch. (Sonderman, 2011) Maybe sometimes he could hurt someone with his critics, but it was made only in order to make certain devices or applications better, not in order to hurt people’s feelings. Moreover, every magazine took as an honor to meet with the CEO of Apple, not to mention even discussing something with him. Everything he did for journalism and these magazines was urged to improve, to launch new ways of their expressing. The main talent of Steve Jobs, his main accomplishment is that this man did not just invent all these devices, but he had a vision of it. He saw all these products and devices beforehand. It seemed like this man could predict the results of launching these devices. He could envision how every device would be packaged and used; moreover, he envisioned it in very different innovative, even useful for people ways. He turned these visions into reality and made the results of them desirable and entertaining. (Rolling Stone, 2011)

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Steve Jobs was always at the center of the technology world and one of the main figures in business. This man was always so open-minded and yet so closed about his personal life. Steve Jobs could be easily considered as the icon of world’s technology. He was the inventor of the whole new era in this sphere, when people went from personal computers to laptops and then to famous iPhones, iPods and iPads. Steve Jobs has not only made his impact on movies; he has not only helped the most famous newspapers and magazines with his devices, but he also had made the most valuable company specialized in technology, which name is Apple, from the simple company once created in a small garage. (Knafo, Bosker, HuffPost, 2011)

The influence of Steve Jobs on technology and media is a major one. Despite all challenges he had in life, both in his career and personal life, in his health, he made his own change in this world and that will never be forgotten. He gave mankind remarkable gifts. He gave mankind a technological development one could not imagine. The influence of Steve Job can be seen by everyone by looking around them: in your bag or on your desk, nowadays almost everyone uses the devises launched by Steve Jobs. Steve has shattered and changed the world of technology, he has changed and improved the act of communication, so now one can not only work with the help of these devices, but also be entertained whenever one has time. Steve Jobs’ influence on technology is like the influence of Michael Jackson on music, or even greater. This man has altered the life of mankind with his extraordinary vision of things. His last words at Stanford University commencement could be considered as his request to people. “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish” (Jobs, June 14, 2005).

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