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Nowadays, the authorities of rich and powerful countries prefer spending money rather on armament than on the education of poor children. In the present-day society, poverty has become a vice, and only a few brave souls dare to struggle with it. Pope Francis is an example of a kind-hearted and merciful man not only for all the Catholics, but also for the entire humanity. In his candid interviews, he warns the Catholic Church against hypocrisy, as well as a negative outlook on poor and homeless people. He believes that its representatives should not live lives of pharaohs telling about eternal human values.

Indeed, after various scandals and rumors, it is quite difficult to have brilliant reputation, but Pope Francis has enough backbone, which helps him to participate in important worldwide events. He believes that a good leader should always be fair to his followers. Following his beliefs, Pope Francis lives in a modest apartment in the Vatican residence. He considers his mission on the Earth is to overcome poverty, or at least to reduce the number of poor people. Speaking about this problem, he remembers about one Italian woman who helped his mother about the house when Francis was a little child. He was impressed by her kind heart despite all the hardships that she had managed to survive. Perhaps, a close friendship with this woman determined the life of Francis. Nowadays, he does not only pray for all poor and miserable people, but also does his best to change the situation. For example, he meets with leaders of world states and discusses ways and tools necessary for solving this complex problem. In his sermons, Pope Francis remembers Jesus and His life empathizing that He was poor and homeless, but still was blessed.

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What is more, Pope Francis plays an important role in overcoming the refugee crisis and tries to help these people to find new comfortable homes. He opines that homeless persons do not have freedom and suffer because of it. As for the main reasons of poverty, Pope Francis believes that world corruption is the main factor causes unemployment. People cannot find a job that can provide them with money necessary for food and home. Pope Francis believes that everyone should have the right to three things, namely, home, work, and land. Certainly, ordinary people are not guilty that they are not more than just pawns in games of their authorities. Pope Francis adequately acknowledges that overcoming the world poverty problem is not more than just a utopia, but believes that a little contribution and donation of every individual can change the situation for better. He believes that the main human enemies hide in themselves. Only when the man will manage to overcome his selfishness, greed, hypocrisy, and the lack of solidarity, the one will be able to change his life and the lives of the surrounding people. Undoubtedly, the existence of every human being is a struggle with his or her inner devils, but if he or she is spiritually strong, the one will be able to face any challenge with patience and dignity.

In conclusion, it should be said that taking care of homeless and poor people is a moral obligation of all human beings and authorities. However, not all of them perform this duty effectively. Pope Francis is one of the most respected and wise leaders in contemporary society. His words and actions serve as powerful evidence of his beliefs regarding poverty and homelessness. Undoubtedly, his views are a bit idealistic, but only such merciful people can inspire and motivate others to good deeds.

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