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Culture is a lifestyle that implies a perpetual influence of miscellaneous social and economic changes and innovations in a society occurring during a certain period of time and reflecting the preferences and tastes in various spheres of art of the whole generation. This concept includes a row of definitions depicting the link between the taste and social structure, namely cultural, economic, and social capital. The first one determines the social status of the personality, the components of which are education and upbringing. The second one reflects the rate of income of the person that very frequently does not coincide with the cultural capital; the financial opportunities often conflict with the cultural capital of a person. The last one reflects the power of fame respectively. These concepts together with other categories such as age, nationality, race, gender, and country allocation may explain the phenomenon of the appearance of subcultures.

Culture as a notion is divided into subcultures that emerge due to the current social tendencies, for example, a club culture, the procreation of the second half of the last century. The young generation has refrained from live music; furthermore, innocent discotheques of 70-80s turned into little close societies dancing to the recorded music, issuing their own policies, and underlining social inequalities through the allocation of certain principles by which people are accepted into this group and vice versa. There are particular hierarchies and values in this type of culture promoting being in fashion.

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There are some basic features and conditions in the generation of subcultures. There should be a mainstream among the group of people, which gather some followers according the music style they prefer and dress code that helps them to stand out the crowd, as an option. Extensive visiting of various clubs and raves is the priority of a certain age category, namely the youth. It usually takes place when the teens become kind of difficult, when they seek some privacy and seclusion from the domesticity that they cannot tolerate. Thus, being outdoor until late hours is the sign of adulthood for the youth. However, for their parents, it is the expression of their protest while for the society, it appeared to be the pushing button for cultural innovations. “Clubbing” is more common in the land of its origin, Great Britain. It is the motherland of the culture of various clubs as this tradition has long historical roots there. Apart from escaping from the routine, dancing and listening to the favorite music, young people communicate with their peers there and get alcohol and drugs. The age of 18 years is the time when young Britons are allowed to consume alcohol, which explains the reason why clubbing is so popular in this country. On the other hand, in the US, alcohol consumption is allowed after 21 years of age; that is the time when the desire to flee from home is not that sharp in youngsters. Thus, the American clubs are not as overcrowded as in the UK, and “clubbing” is not as developed in the US. On the contrary, joyriding is a common thing that becomes a part of the local culture in the United States, and it is not as prosecuted as in Britain, where it is considered as juvenile delinquency. That is why back seat activities are appreciated in America and promoted within the youth in the movies and comics all over the country; a car transforms into the shelter for rebellious spirits. Geographical allocation and cultural tendency of the country contribute to the development of the national tastes and preferences forming some mainstreams and vectors in this particular realm. Hence, American youth prefer cinematography with Hollywood shaping the national mindset of the young Americans. On the other hand, British teenagers, the offsprings of the “Beatles”, choose music rather than movies as it is a tool with the help of which they build their relationships and self-develop their mentality. These trends trigger the emergence of other cultural attributes such as provocative clothes, appearance, tattoos, and the music distinguishing them among the other sub-cultures (punks, hippies, and rockers), thus generating the whole industry serving the subcultures (T-shirts, make-up, etc.). Therefore, one culture procreates another culture (Thornton, 1996).

In conclusion, the emergence of culture as a phenomenon in a certain society is stipulated by many factors that will eventually transform and mask. Perhaps they are different from those that were in trend a century ago, but the basis of this phenomenon is always the same: social, gender and age appliances accordingly.

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