To fully understand what writing a movie review is all about you need to properly understand the purpose of such an assignment. Put simply, it could be said that movie reviews give a deeper insight into and a better appreciation of a movie than an informal observer could do. Reviews tend to cover a range of elements from the movie from, for example, the storyline or plot to its characters, dialogue, costumes, symbolism, tone, lighting, camera work, and more. Therefore, the process of reviewing a movie makes you more knowledgeable in various aspects of the production and allows you to become more fluent and creative in your writing.

So, when writing a movie review, here are some crucial points to remember so that the end result is effective.

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The movie’s title or name: The title or name is important in the case of a documentary or movie and you should not ignore this. Consider the meaning of the title and how effective and/or appropriate this is. Doing this shows readers you fully and critically engaged with the movie from beginning to end.

The link between your course or class and the movie: Whenever you are asked to write a movie review essay for educational reasons, you need to connect this essay to the material you covered in class. Point to things that appear similar, dissimilar, and anything new that you noted while watching the movie.

Do not forget the movie director: The person who directs a movie is a key individual in its creation. Thus, when writing a movie review paper, you need to ensure you devote sufficient time to outlining the director’s history to include such elements as their significance, notable achievements, special attributes, and any controversies they have been involved in.

The movie’s cast: While most things are background-related, it is the cast – actors and actresses – who get most of the credit from the audience. Therefore, you need to focus on and elaborate on how each person performs and how appropriately or how well they represent the character(s) they are cast in.

The movie’s key elements: Some notable elements in a movie are the costumes, sound, camerawork, and color. For instance, the costumes in a movie that is supposedly set in the 17th century are supposed to be different from those of the current era. The wrong clothing for the storyline and genre of the movie will negatively impact the movie’s overall effectiveness.

Write your review for people who have not seen the movie: When writing a summary for people who have already seen a documentary or movie, you will very likely neglect to draw attention to certain aspects of it. So, rather than doing this, you should aim your summary at people who have not seen a particular movie and with the aim of providing them with a full overview.


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Writing Movie Review Assignments

So, if you are saying, “help me write my movie review,” the following outline is an effective and simple one that you can use:

  • Whether you use a professional movie review writing service like or write your own review, begin with an appropriate title that gives an indication of the name of the documentary or movie you will be reviewing.
  • The introductory section comes after the movie title and this provides crucial details about the movie. These details usually include the movie’s name, any relevant background information, and information about the date it was released.
  • Next there is a summary section. Follow this with your analysis of the movie’s plot e.g. did you think the scenes were arranged in logical order, say, from crisis point to climatic moment.
  • Once you have analyzed the main plot, you can then move forward to the movie’s creative aspects such as color, speech, costumes, and so on.
  • After this you should provide your own opinion on the production, supported by examples taken from the actual movie.
  • Conclude your review by indicating whether or not you believe the movie director succeeded in getting his or her intended message across and say how writing the review helped you consolidate the material you were taught in class.
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