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From the olden days, people have been accustomed to look at Cairo from its historical perspective. It is the largest of all cities in a nation that is also home to numerous pyramids – landmarks that have drawn numerous tourists to the land’s borders, just to see their majestic nature. They are structures that are part of Egypt’s dry lands (Cooper 53). As much as Cairo gets recognition from its historical background, there is a lot to be said about how much its geographical location contributes towards making it what it is today. Far from what most people perceive the city to be, Cairo-Egypt has a lot to offer, depending on the geographical locations that one would love to explore. Cairo is the most popular city; influencing many other cities in Egypt (Bengtsson, Herschy and Fairbridge). It would also be impossible to talk about Cairo without mentioning the extent to which the geographical features and cities have contributed towards making it the largest city in Africa. Cairo is the lifeline of tourism, trade and even agriculture, making it the most significant city in Egypt. It is like that thanks to a diverse nature of the entire nation that contributes towards its success.

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For many years, Egypt has been officially referred to as the Republic of Egypt. Today, its capital city is Cairo. It is in the northern part of the African continent. From a global map, it can easily be identified by its brown landscape, exposing the dryness of the land. It is among the largest economies within the African continent, and Cairo itself represents a rapidly developing economy. Apart from being a home to numerous pyramids, Egypt is also famous to have the Sinai Peninsula (Cooper 36). It is a region that serves as a merger link between the two continents, namely Africa and Southwest Asia. It is among the factors that have contributed towards the nation also being referred to as being part of the Middle East. Such a localization makes the Egypt’s capital one of the most influential centers in the region.

The Middle East is known to have similar religious geographical features, whereby a great majority of the population is of an Arabic background. It is common to spot the women putting on their cultural clothing, commonly known as the Hijab (Sheehan 45). Men are expected to put on their Kansu. Egypt is quite famous for the use of camels as a source of transport, and such a cultural element has continuously been explored in movies in the Middle East. According to historical information, the routes that these camels and caravans followed largely contributed to the development of small settlements which later on changed into cities (Sheehan 42). Cairo is among the cities that developed as a result of trade.

In some areas of the country, the soil is black in nature, resulting from the overflow of the river Nile. The annual event gave rise to the name Kamet, a name given to this land in the ancient days. The fertile land had a great influence on the settlement being that people would practice farming around the river banks. The fertile soil allowed for the crops and animals to flourish even in the dry season and hence encouraged people to settle in the areas permanently. These areas developed to be the lifeline of Egypt’s food supply (Sheehan 37). The amount of people who settled in these regions increased and today, most of them have become cities. A number of towns near Cairo and are also key sources of capital used in the city.

It is important to note the fact that geography has to be a great influence on the way the people in this city lived, or even live today. As a result of farming, farmers are the ones who ended up settling along the riverbanks. Cities along the rivers are today known for their engagement in farming activities, even though today, as a result of technology, the way agriculture is practiced has drastically changed (Sheehan 15). Other activities in the areas where water is plenty include fish farming irrigation schemes. The delta region of Egypt is widely known for having huge areas of fertile land. Consequently, geography has managed to become a key influencer of the way the people in these zones live their lives. Cairo is one of the cities that managed to benefit from such influences.

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Among the middle-east towns, Cairo stands out to be the most popular, and Egypt, the most popular nation. Today, statistics show that the country is also the most populated amongst its counterparts. The country covers a geographical area of 1,001,450 square kilometers. This can be approximated to be the size of one and a half of Texas State. The nations that border it include Israel and the Gaza strip region in the north-eastern part. From the east, Egypt is bordered by the red sea. Sudan is placed on the southern side of the nation and is also the entry point of the river Nile. Most of the black soil carried by the river is known to be sourced from this area (Ismail 41). To the west of Egypt is Libya. The northern border of the state is where one can find the Mediterranean Sea. It has played an important role in the development of Cairo as a city, driven by the nation’s agricultural prowess and ideal geographical positioning for trade.

Today, as a result of the sheer size and availability of resources including the River Nile, Cairo stands out to be among the most trade-reliant cities, and Egypt nation being the third most populous in Africa. It is an area with the highest population if compared to its middle-eastern counterparts. The most populated areas are those along the river Nile and its deltas. The River Nile plays a huge role as a key geographical feature that influences the areas where people settle. In order to have a clearer picture of the situation, it is worth to mention that only 5.5% of the Egyptian land is used by this population, living out a wide area abandoned due to the harsh conditions (Cooper 29). Cairo is among the cities that have been greatly influenced by these geographical factors.

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Geographical features are known to play a great role in the way people live their lives in. They have an influence on what individuals eat, the availability of certain products, or even the possibility of planting certain crops. In case of Egypt, the river Nile still stands out to be the greatest influence. The beaches are also influential, especially when it comes to economic activities.

The red sea coast is among the most famous areas in the nation, for both cultural and religious geographical elements. The area was formally referred to as “Sea Mare Rostrum”, commonly interpreted as the red sea. It is a home to a number of islands including Qamar, and Om Gaweesh. The region in questions known for attracting many tourists. It is also home to many archeological sites, proving that it was preferred as areas worth living in for thousands of years. It is home to the Greco-roman temple, a national monument that is approximately 65kilometers from the sea shore (Ismail 51). It is also a home to two of the oldest monasteries in the nation, namely St. Paul and St. Anthony, under the umbrella of the Coptic Church. Hurghada is one of the most famous towns in this region and it is located 500 kilometers from the capital city, Cairo. Its geographical positioning gives it a magnificent view and hence a major tourist attraction. The weather contributes to the region’s attraction of foreigners, especially during winter and summer. To a larger extent, the city has been influenced to change into a tourist-oriented one.

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The city of Aswan is located in the upper region of Egypt and is known for its tourist attractions and availability of exotic spices. Its geographical positioning has allowed it to be the third largest city in the country and a great source of income for its residents. Most of the sites are developed to attract tourists who frequent the area (Ismail 43). The city is celebrated for its large population of Nubians and this still adds to Cairo’s popularity as a get way to such culturally significant geographical areas.

Egypt is one of the most popular nations in the world and its capital city Cairo, the largest city in Africa (Volait and El Kadi 18). Today, people cannot talk about a nation without exploring its economic and trade hub, which is Cairo. Logically, it would almost be impossible to seclude Cairo as a successful city without mentioning the importance of the other cities and features around it, most of which are key to its success. A large part of the country is desert, hence, most cities are situated either along the sea shores, river Nile or the delta. Such geographical features have come to be great influencers of the way people live their lives in these areas. It is also imperative to note that, as a result of geographical variation in the country, almost the entire population of Egypt can be found either along the Nile River, or the beaches.

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