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The Egyptian culture was established near the 2nd century BC, when the country was under one monarch, and a few centuries after, it reached the state of maturity, with its political, economic and social aspects (Parulekar, 2012). The geographical location in a desert region discouraged many invasion; thus the Egyptian culture was free of abroad influence and was developing in its own unique way. The Egyptian society was primarily agrarian as it was located around Nile valley with a fertile soil. Egyptians had a polytheistic religion with a pantheon of Gods and Goddess. They believed in the divine origin of natural forces and worshipped animals. It was a patriarchal society, and pharaohs were seen as the descents and envoys of gods. Central thoughts were death and afterlife – Egyptians prepared thoroughly to life after death. It is confirmed by burial rituals. (“Egypt Culture”, n.d.). Art was an important aspect of life. Artists were in a great demand. The key features of Egyptian art were a strong adherence of rules, use of stereotypes and symbolism. All kinds of art like painting, sculpture, music and literature were strongly connected with the religion (Parulekar, 2012).

Nowadays, Egypt is a gateway between Western Europe and Arab world. The country preserves its own identity and absorbs traits of other cultures. First of all, it is a Muslim nation. Religion and superstitions are extremely essential. Although, there is no formal caste system, there are autocratic relations between people of different social status. In this country prevails male domination – a man is a guard and a breadwinner of the family. Society is aimed at collectivism with a family in the center. Egyptians are very conservative with little tolerance to changes and a strong obedience to laws (Favors, n.d.). They are hospitable, friendly and tolerant to other nations. Their vivid feature is an almost infinite patience – they accept troubles at they are and do not tend to solve them somehow. It is a proud and sensitive nation with a sarcastic sense of humor (“Egyptian Culture”, n.d.).

Buy custom Characteristics of Egyptian Culture essay


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