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Life is always changing. Sometimes these changes are for good, but sometimes they are for bad. The greatest change for black Americans happened in 1950’s and 1960’s, when Martin Luther King Jr. started a revolution and protests against discrimination and injustice towards black Americans and their rights. However, it was only the beginning of changes for African-Americans.

After 1960’s more and more black Americans gained their success in different spheres of life such as music, politics, in mass media. In late 1960’s the Black Movement in South Africa appeared. It was also called The Black Consciousness Movement, which main goal was to fight with apartheid in Africa and against traditional policy of white people. The ideas of this movement referred to getting back freedoms and rights of black people in Africa and around the world. However, in literature this movement was meant to relieve the cultural heritage of the black nation. (Hine, Harold, 2011) Still in 1970’s these changes have both achievements as well as failures. For instance, it was a true fact that black children started to visit along with white children the same schools and still there were states that refused to pay black children and moreover to go to school in the same bus with white ones. However, to still encourage black people to live in this country and be proud of that, in 1970’s “Black is Beautiful” movement appeared. Its main goal was to show black Americans that being black is not a shameful thing and that they should be proud of their race. With the help of this movement and also with the election in 2000’s of the black president Barack Obama in the United States, more and more black people now have diplomas, finished high schools and moreover more and more world-famous stars are exactly black. For instance let’s remember Michael Jackson, the king of pop music, or famous basketball players like Kobe Bryant, or actors such as Will Smith and Denzel Washington, or even famous hip hop singers like Jay Z and the famous jazz vocalist, the blind black legend of jazz Ray Charles. (Hine, Harold, 2011)

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With Obama being chosen as the president, the question about race has got new turnovers. America had started a new era – era of post-racism. Political, media and social life in the United States became race-neutral. Nowadays one can hear more and more new hip-hop artists; moreover the origin of this music movement gets his roots from black culture. (Weisenfeld, 2012)

Although the race problem would never fully disappear, still the changes that happened in 20th century for black Americans had major results. They have changed completely not only the life of black Americans, but they also have showed this world that one should not neglect black culture or people, otherwise one should be respectful to this culture and nation like to any other.

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