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Pennsylvania News Media Association

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There are laws that govern all forms advertisement activities.  According to the Pennsylvania News Media Association (2013), advertisements should be free from any form of inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration or omission. Laws regulating the advertisement of new and used automobiles are known as the Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law (UTPCPL) and the Automotive Industry Trade Practices Regulations (The Pennsylvania News Media Association, 2013).Advertisers that violate these laws are liable to consumers, therefore, Wilbur is answerable to Andy and Bob according to the law.

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Andy can sue Wilbur for refusing to sell vehicles according to the terms and conditions of the advertisement.  This is because Wilbur had placed an advertisement with clear details indicating that he was selling the vehicle at a price of $8,000. However after receiving a note that Andy was ready to buy it at $9,000, he changes his mind. Andy can also sue Wilbur that he informed him in good time about buying the vehicle early enough, but he delayed in informing him about the cancellation in good time. Here, Wilbur is guilty of breaching a contract of advertisement according to the law. In this case, Wilbur can defend himself against Andy’s claims by stating that he has a problem of making decisions for the last 29 years of his life; an issue that Andy is well aware of since he is his close friend. This is the reason why Wilbur delayed before reading Andy’s letter from Thursday to the following Tuesday, therefore, he could not inform Andy about the cancellation early enough. Based on these grounds, Wilbur is not bound by law to sell the car to Andy.

Bob can sue Wilbur on the grounds that Wilbur refused to sell him the car as per the details in the advertisement in the daily Newspaper. This is against the laws regulating advertisement activities. The advertiser should not mislead consumers with the advertisement (The Pennsylvania News Media Association, 2013). Wilbur on the other, hand can defend himself against Bobs charges by stating that he already put a notice to the Newspaper that they should stop running the advert until the changes have been made. There is also no evidence to prove that Wilbur and Bob had come to an agreement of selling the car, therefore, there is no breach of contract in that case. Wilbur can also defend himself and say that it is not his fault, but the newspaper publisher who indicated a low price of $8,000, and therefore, he is not ready to sell the car at that price.

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